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Archived Topics
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January 2007
trying to send a PM
Jan Marini vitamins-a must have?
What "Actives" build collagen? Do AHAs/Glycolics?
Which facial laser treatment to get?
Oenobiol or similar supplements--any success stories?
What ph exfoliant do you use while onRetin A (if any)
Looking for a good serum
Just splurged on JB Green Apple peel!!!
SuperCOP 2x - does it ball up for anyone else?
I want to wear earrings again!
Emu oil
Anyone tried Clairol Herbal Essences Replenishing?
If you've used Camellia Oil & also Emu oil, could you co
How do you keep the wand for the JM lash growth serum clean?
A preliminary review of Braun's Silk-epil (epilator)
Bummed - getting older
What do you know now than you wish you knew then?
Foot patches for acne, system detox?
.:REVIEW:. emerginC Multi-vitamin + Retinol Serum
Calling all mothers for pregnancy questions
THUMBS DOWN ! MAC Loud Lash Mascara
RAVE!!! Prescriptives LASH ENVY Mascara
shelf life of beauty products
Alima Nourishing Lip Balm-- would like some input on colors
Hoodia Diet Patch?
Clinique Long Pretty Lashes Mascara
For recent flyers - latest TSA regulations?
Review;Janson Beckett DermaExcel7 -no more botox!
Innovative Skin Care & Lucern
Complaint about Urban Decay's Customer Service!!!!
Help me pick a facial!
You have to work hard to earn it...
Need my picture taken for ID...
Oh My Gosh Katee
male nose
*~~~~~~~~ Winner for Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007 ~~~~~~~~*
Aloe Vera Gel vs. Lotions/Moisturizers
Does anyone else's face sweat?
Anyone have any B & A's photos from Relax a Line or ADCE
Is it too much to ask for a hair dryer that...
Eluage users - a quick question
Hyaluronic Acid , Squalene Oil, Emu Oil Which products best
You know you need a facial when....
Adminstrator or Moderator Question. Can't connect to website
Recommendation for toner with AHA/+BHA, please...
Anyone else have horrible side effects from 100% Hoodia?
What is it about Swiss skincare in general?
(Organic) Kimberly Sayer (UK) & OHA
Baby Q need some help
Sea Kelp Bioderment Group Purchase
Do you know of a lip balm without beeswax or lanolin?
Looking for good MMU blush suggestions!
OC Eight
What's Your Skin Eating ? Read cosmetic labels!
Rant about shopping!
HELP with Kidney Stones
The best for those lips?
Skin Medica TNS Lip Plump System REVIEW- new TNS product
Where to order European Nivea Sun Milk??
if you have big lips..they can suck sometimes:(
Use paper, electronic, or computer calendar/datebook?
Clarins Expertise 3P (Poly Pollution Protection)
Help from people in Sydney please!
Review for Zenbiotic Body Milk Moisturizer
IS Clinical or Naturdermx/Epidermx/Chrysalyx?????
(Semi)-permanent makeup?
Ifeelpretty - Healing serum
It felt like Christmas all over again today!
How many different vitamins do you take each day?
Candy's DMAE serum 4% or 6%?
skin medica TNS recovery-the BIG problem with it!
Has anyone tried CareKate Rosemary Hair Growth Accelerator?
How much do you spend pr month on beauty products?
I'm jaded
Are there any cheap hyaluronic acid serums to be found?
Found a foundation combo that works for me!!!
Mascara for sensitive eyes??
OK, I admit it...
Any thoughts on Waterless Facial Cleansers?
just a quick hello
Received my RevitaLash last night - Will post results
CareKate made me cry last night!
Credit Card Fraud!!!
Review: Regenerist Daily Regenerating Cleanser
The importance of health screening !!!
Addicted to Hair Irons - Help!
Candessence January Special!!
When Should U Start Using Firming Facial Serums, Ie ISC?
Any Aveeno Skincare fans....I'm tempted
What other forums do you visit on a regular basis?
Scrub and mask , Bad for skin !!!
::::::::shudder:::::::::: I couldn't imagine doing this!!!!
thoughts on skincare minimalism?
Help w/YonKa application
Victoria Secret sale
dremu users--comparison qs
Order of application - C, DMAE, HA. What about LightStim?
Advice needed in incorporating DMAE into regime
CareKate Pearl Créme and CareKate haircare products
Care Kate products
Mini Review: Line Eliminator by L2K and Kandis
Colombian "Ugly Betty"...
eyelids DROOPING with DMAE!!
review: youngblood loose mineral powder foundation
Rogaine dries my eyebrows' skin.. help!!
What celebrity do you most resemble? Upload your photo
any experience with bifocal *contact lenses*?
Poco I sent you a private message, but not in sent box?
Anyone else feel yellow without a tan? Darn Olive Skin!
Can Cleansing Oils Cause Dryness????
Best Food For Your Skin...Tips From The Today Show
Uneven, red skin, enlarged pores
CareKate's Rosemary Hair Growth Accelerator Treatment
Need help: DIY DMAE serum and cream
Help with snoring!
Am I the only one??
What to use to enhance shape of top lip in different lights?
pleeeeeez SEARCH before starting a new thread !!!!!
The ABCs of using the SEARCH feature.......
Cellcosmet help!!! how to use Cellcosmet Elasto-Collagen?
Portrait Plasma
Transdermal Electroylsis?
just discovered adding praise :D
eyelash turnover time
Carekate's Pearl Cream
Review: PSF papaya cleaning gel
HOORAY for Burt's Bees New Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash!!
Does Anyone Know the Shelf-Life of SkinMedica Vit C Complex?
Review on Valmont - Regenera Cream II
Tips from Attny to Protect Against ID Theft
Intraceuticals, anyone know an online store that ships?
Some questions about Chrysalyx
Stay at home Moms
Has anyone tried using body butter as hair conditioner ???
Is the Baby Quasar Thread the longest EDS has ever had?
Suggestion for fading sunspots
I conquered a spider phobia but eyeballs beat me
Care Kates Eyelash serum
Fun question - How long are your lashes?
Survivor Cook Islands has just finished here in Aus
:: Review: Blinc Kiss Me Mascara
Hi I'm NEW
Did anyone here break out from SkinMedica's Vit C?
Free to good home...
Trish McEvoy mascara or Blinc?
Skin Care for Young Girls???
Sudden, natural double eyelid?
Blood Diamond
Decleor Aromessence Visage Neroli - Aromessence Neroli
Something I read about Revitalash
"Black Book of H-wood Beauty Secrets" - Read it?
Anyone else had problems with their Skiobio order?
::Review:: Kiss My Face Moisture Shave
Found another Swiss skincare line!
Winner For Friday, January 5, 2007.
Hello newbie here
Eye Care Routine for the 40s??
Non-Creasing Eyeshadow
None of the Body Shop products work on me
Anyone up for an experiment?
Surgery scars - what helps to make them invisible???
Alima News!!
Atomizers on Planes?
Body skin questions
Carekate's Harmonizing Facial Mist
How do you contact Carekate for her products? Thanks
Don't wanna jinx it but SKII is FANTASTIC!!!
Skincode Switzerland - review
I have had an allergic reaction to skin care - any advice?
Opalis Paris
I have had an allergic reaction to skin care - any advice?
AHA or BHA for Scars - does it matter?? SkinBio uses BHA too
Does anyone take "eye supplements"?
Best hair loss shampoo?
sneakers/tennis shoes in the washing machine
How many types of Vit C's do you use or need?
What do you think about those refillable mmu brushes?
Beta Glucans
gentle eye make up removers for senstive eyes and skin
Fruits & Passion
OTC Hydro Cortisone Cream To Lighten Scars?
Need Hugs!
La Belle Botox Serum - effective?
Help me choose a sunscreen... please!
Cover Girl Advanced Radiance
diet starts tomorrow!!!
Do you use RetinA before or after your serums & moisturi
:: Review :: MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel
Suntan - is there a way to do it and not age?
Tom Brady is ever so dreamy.
Scams - My pet peeve
hexlene glycol and isohexdecane safe detergents to leave on?
transdermal electrolysis-does it permanently remove hair?
Review of Lamas Beauty Products - none of which I like
Review: Orjene Organics CoQ10 OliveVitale
:: Review :: Decleor Prolagene Gel
Homemade Vitamin C question
Joe Blasco make up
Ulta opened right by my house!!!
Emu oil leaves my face kind of greasy...
Question about 'Rubbing Alcohol'
Bust Firming Products
UK Mulberry Bag Enthusiasts - heads up on a bargain!
Paris for my 40th !
What is your favorite bath soak
Anyone work from home and have customers over to your house?
What are the REAL RULES on self promoting?
True Cosmetics application technique from a seminar
Ladies with ECZEMA experience, please help me!
Looking for a HG Red Lipstick for everyday use...olive skin.
A skin-care diet?
do you use flannel to wash face?
how to get samples at local counters?
Thank you all
Golden Jojoba
SkinMedica Vitamin C Serum with Other Serums
RAVE: Julie Hewitt Beauty: camellia oil lipstcks+more!
Review: Meow Mineral Makeup
Skinbio BND cream smelling yucky - is it normal?
Where to buy CoverFX
Tips for Using Eyelash Serums
Lash Extensions review
Carekate's Pearl Silk Dust
Decleor help
One-step Cleansing Water/Lotion
Divaderme Natural Triple Action Lash Extender
Comparison Review - EpidermxII vs Clarisonic
~ Review ~ Rooibos Rote Grutze
So, Tigger's a criminal now?
Can IPL get rid off prolonged redness?
Green Apple Peel on sale
Bare Essentials
Creating a smokey eye. Has anyone used this technique?
Questions about Cellex-C Speed Peel
Product Review - Gernetic Vasco Artera
Does anyone here take Emu oil vitamin supplements?
A little bit of conflict
which cream/serum for wrinkles has worked for you?
Would additional moderators help???
Another UK bargain - Isabella Oliver
ReVive's Fermitif neck cream
Most OVERRATED Products
How to Post a Picture on EDS
My Little Experiment-Long
what to bring to florida?
Indulge me..... I just have to rant !!!
putting eyecream on lips?
Want to prevent 5 years of skin ageing in 6 months?
HELP my skin is dehydrated again.
Is anyone else having problems with theor forum discount
Big Love for Burt's Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder!
Does copper peptide make anyone else's eyes puffy?
Is anyone else allergic to lipsticks or lip products?
Lactic Acid Question
How do you know which sunscreen is effective?
How do you like your eggs?
The Weatherman and the Cockroach
Where to buy SLS free shampoos
Milk negates benefits of tea...
*~~~~~~~~ Winner for Tuesday, January 9th, 2007 ~~~~~~~~*
Kryolan Translucent Powder?
Jan Marini Age Intervention Hair Revitalizing Conditioner
Ultimate hydrating mask?
Skin remodeling - completely confused!!
Looking for a skin penetration enhancer, any ideas?
Mineral Fusion
glycolic peel - need to get rid of scaleys-HELP
Derm 123
Weirdest Complements?
facial exfoliation
salicyilic acid foundation
HELP for my 6-year-old son -- scaly scalp problem
PAVES shine serum-comparable to Pantene Pro V serum?
Your favorite depuffing eye gel/mask?
Is anyone doing something creative to plan for retirement?
How is everyone keeping up with exercising during winter?
rosacea...some of it mental?
little tiny bumps under my eyes
need neutral lipstick or gloss/balm
Isn't Milk of Magnesia bad for your skin?
trying out mineral makeup samples
avene creme mineral 50 users?
New Do It Yourself Forum!
Review: Babor HSR eye cream
Do you leave a CD in your car CD player?
When do you wash off your makeup?
NVEY certified organic foundation?
Befine Food Skin Care
New Forum
PSF HA Serum, how to use?
Can you use a peel (tca or ?) to help get rid of wrinkles?
Thrilled with Alima mineral makeup!
Am I the only male here?
Rosacea products???
Does anyone know?
Cargo Beach Blush application
which vit c serum is one of the strongest around?
Water Ingestion Questions
Dr. H. making me dry?
I'm looking for a forum or homepage for TEA
DHC velvet coat sale
Real Life Bambi and Thumper!
Gabamed-Anyone tried it yet?
Anyone here stayed on Hamilton Island?
My turn to ask for some advice
Anyone tried Slimquick? I want to lose a few lbs!! Do you?
Magic Stylo semi-permanent pens
Before and After lip plumper
Please advice a peel/exfoliant :)
Vitamin C Serum -- How often to use?
Has anyone had cosmetic dental procedures done?
Ms. Pedicure 2-1 diamond dust pedicure wand
POLL: Dr.Renaud vs. Dermalogica
Dermal Tone - Tell Me Your Experience
Dermal Tone - Tell Me Your Experience
Illuminating concealer vs. a regular concealer
Help!!! ACV problem....or benefit?
Has anybody tried ALIMA cosmetics?
Anyone appreciate reefmarine aquariums? Pics of mine.
Has Ingredient Info Stopped You Using A Product
Where can I get this in US? Scar treatment/accupressure tool
Where can I get this in US? Scar treatment/accupressure tool
Beauty products that come in tubes
The Apprentice
Dehydrated Skin - how can you tell?
How does Jurlique compare to Dr Hauschka?
London Experience
Very Nice Moderators
Did cardio help your skin improve?
Does anyone else's Dremu get stuck in the dropper?Argh!
Best MD Formulations products
Candys Triple C users.........
pale girl make up
Triple Lavender Face Foam™?
back acne
Pearl powder with Marine Nutrient Serum?
Obagi Maintenance info
Blotchy/uneven skin on chest & back due to past acne
Just for Men...Not!
Maintaining highlights w/o paying an arm & leg
The most beautiful places /Countries you've ever been!
Dentist recommendations in NYC/New Jersey Area
HA - topical applications vs oral supplements - comparisons?
Origins liquid bronzer - long lasting great colour & tex
What can I use for a blemish near the eye?
Winner For Friday, January 12, 2007.
Does anyone use 10% Lactic Acid Exfoliant daily?
24 is back!
How long do you try products for before moving on?
pH of Jojoba?
products to lift eyelids?
Does stressing about getting older make you look old?
Has anyone tried Juice Organics?
What is your anti-aging Make-up Routine?
adding "sulfur" to DIY skincare?
Review: Cellcosmet eye contour cream
Help my frizzy hair?
MyChelle Sun Shield SPF28
Beta Glucans for UK/Europeans
How to make my own GHK CP serum ?
Just say NO to Pantene!!!
Emu Oil - Moisturizer - Night Reapir?
Emu Oil - Moisturizer - Night Reapir?
LushLips, Lancome's Juicy Tubes & my DIY efforts...
Acne? Skin irritation?? Baby Bee Diaper Ointment is here!!
Ystheal creme users
Defective bottles of Caudalie Grape Water???
Bulk Botox for self injection?
Color Enhancer Colored Contacts for Brown Eyes in ASIA?
Which is Better - Goat or Squirrel Hair for MMU Brush?
Jane Iredale Pressed Powder
Crazy Question...
Any skincare in China I should pick up?
Recs for color depositing shampoo
Laser Hair Removal Treatment -- now what?
:: REVIEW :: AminoGenesis Really Really Clean
Toner VS Astringent
Funny take on posting on forums
Skin barrier building/repairing tips?
sally hansen line freeze for lips...
Obsessed with new stuff-Thoughts on Shiseido r/o
LP Swiss Skin care yeh or neh?
:: Review :: PSF Microcrystal Resurfacing Cream
Best Eye Drops for whiter whites?
What's the most you've ever paid for a pair of shoes?
Nivea v Creme de La Mer
Horomonal Acne issues - please help!
Problems with PSF Balancing Oil dispensing
Can someone explain the copper peptides "uglies"?
Product that thickens thin skin around eyes
Easy everyday tip for more youthful looking hands
ISC Active serum................
What happens when you don't remove your make-up?
What are "actives"?
Need rec for leave-in conditioner
Anyone heard of/use Premier Miracle Noir mask?
Achoo!!! Do you do it too?
Decleor Aromessence Baume Essentiel - Essential Balm
What is your most favourite beauty product?
Who do you think makes the best candles?
Has anyone tried TROMBORG from Denmark?
Meow Cosmetics Discount Code
Alima Cosmetics Discount Code
Trying to get pregnant-advice?
Are there any foods that cause you to break out?
Pevonia sunscreen, anyone?
Sigh, when will I learn???
Review: Zenbiotics
Swirl, Tap and Buff with all MMU's ?
Two ways of using AHA/BHA, which one better?
My skin gets BETTER BEFORE my period
Best healing spot treatment?
Help...I need to learn to RELAX!
Are you hot or not? Great interactive website.
What is the ONE product you will never be without?
I want to go to PEI!
Anyone tried NOEVIR?
Please help me hair
The result of going for demologica facial treatment.
Dermalogica Clay Cleanser
repost: please help my hair
Cellcosmet Purifying Gel Cleanser-New Ingredients!!
Anyone willing to trade a Nuface for a Baby Q?
hand cream
Something Strange I've noticed about Retinol
Refined and Unrefined coconut oil
HELP! Affordable Skincare program for dry/aging skin!
Review: B. Kamins Maple Treatment Night Cream
Hard Water and Dull Hair
Smashbox Code
Seamless Bra Favourites?
What is good to use when on Retin A?? What to avoid??
New Ice Elements product and special in Newsletter!
European "Happy Skin" Ingredient
I can't believe I did this!!!!!
Cruelty-Free Emu Oil??????
Gave in and bought RevitaLash and PSF O2 Serum
Free to loving home...IE sample
watched topic or past posting email alerts
::REVIEW:: Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser
Golden Globes
People critisizing your skin condition. What will you do?
Is this a safe ingredient cleanser?
Where to buy 1000 hours lash tint in Oz
Oily Skin Moisturiser Recomendations needed
I find this *so* retarded
Any Resourceful downloaders out there? Golden Globes 2007
question about Carita,weather expired?
Miessence foundation is like super glue!!
jurlique facial
Anybody with allergies break out on cheeks?
Has anyone just walked and left out of a job?
RAVE review brow styling by Anastasia
Paula's Begoun: Best of Best 2006 Report
no self control
Simple SkinCare and Drugstore Products Question..
Best tips/products to reduce crow's feet
American idol
help me with a fragrace
Chinese Herbal Medicine + Accupuncture do wonders
Botox in New Jersey
Which Celebirty do you look like?
Pampered Chef stuff?
Accutane bad for your health?
How long does a tube of Revitalash last?
Cancer and a soy diet
::REVIEW:: Max factor Masterpiece Mascara (iFX brush)
Who uses men skincare lines???
Which fruits and Foods are good for your skin?
*~~~~~~~~ Winner for Tuesday, January 16th, 2007 ~~~~~~~~*
A Miracle! My ugly spider vein is vanishing rapidly
Has anyone had success with Gatineau's Melatogenine Pen?
What constitutes "protein" in a hair treatment?
When do you actually peel from a "Peel"?
Left Out In the Cold! Please Help Me Help Them!
Ice Elements 50% off their Squalane!
diCesare Volume Factor Shampoo & Cond - colorsafe?
Aubrey Organics stuff, reduced here....
DermaLastyl-B and Dermalastyl-E did anyone try this product
The Organic Pharmacy 25% discount here....
I want an iPhone SO bad!
brown hair dye
AHA and SA acids.
Lip plumping - anyone tried kombucha & glycolic acid-com
Carekate's Lush Lash Serum...when will it be ready?
Obagi & the Eyes
Has anyone tried TPF Facelift System
Any body tried Decleor Hydra Floral "Flower Essence&quo
unscented bubble foam
Does anyone drive a Nissan Altima?
IQ Cosmetics
Paypal vs. CC card
Kosmea Skin Clinic Rosehip Oil
My hair is breaking off almost at the roots
Primavera 30% off coupon
What's best for post-zit scab? Cortisone or Polysporin?
WOW, huge rave for Panera Bread's Wild Mushroom Crispani!!!
Anyone currently using Uglogirl MMU?
Aubrey Organics Sunscreen
A different take on the Lord's prayer
The "New" Girlfriend
Carol's Daughter Products
New Avon Dark Circle Cream
IS Clinical Must Not Need or Want New Business
Anyone done Colonics? What kind of benefits did you get?
From Murad to Perricone: safe supplements 4 family planning
Anyone here drink barley water?
fraxel laser what are your result
anyone try fraxel laser
How Long Do You Give Your Partner The Silent Treatment???
Valentine Day suggestions
Estee Lader Advanced Night Repair and Facial Oils
Burt's Bees at - 35% off retail pricing
Farfalla of Switzerland
We need "MMU for Dummies" FAQ - can you help?
Will heat/air from blowdrying affect the efficacy of VitC?
pomegranate oil? Has anyone used?
looking for pre-moistened makeup remover cloths
is it ok to use an eye cream w/caffine...
John Masters at EDS
laneige pore tightening essence?
Cellular RX?
Going to see a derm and worried about products
rosehip seed oil claims--what do you think?
I have no self-control & gave in...
Ingredients of Jan Marini and Revitalash.....
Breakthough bleeding while taking low dose birth control
How long do you date a guy before letting him see you...
Juara Skincare
Where to buy Ardell Lash Growth Serum in a store?
Best Makeup Primer
manufacturing dates?
If U use Retin A, do U use AHA or BHA too? Which kind,when?
dermatologist recommendations for new york
New Beauty Magazine's Test Tube
Laser hair removal for LIGHT hair?
Do you think HA tabs would help for dry eyes?
Eyelid discoloration/yellowness
Looking for Lactic Acid 10% ph3 - DY pH1.9 too irritating
Lumiere MMU IS AMAZING!! HUGE rave!
Nimue Treatment Foundation
Look at my eye wrinkles...what can I do? I'm desperate!
Why men never get posted on Dear Abby.... (joke)
Evening Primrose Oil --> Good for skin but has anyone gai
question about magazine article
RAVE - Best Bath Store Intensive Under Eye Treatment
Live Cultures
Check your Vitamins!!!
Facial Flex and Maggio's book need both?
Any recommendations for a foundation, that doesnt accentuate
REVIEW: John Masters Organics
Article with info on Sculptra, etc...
REVIEW - Tesco Cosmetic Applicator Buds
Three Custom Color Specialists
Feedback on Neova Antioxidant Therapy Serum?
glycolix elite treatment pads
Replacement for KP Duty???
Anyone try the new Lash Fusion mascara?
Do you treat your neck/chest different than your face?
100 Calorie Snack Packs
Women drinks so much water she dies
Wild Sage Botanicals - all natural herbal skincare
treatment facial cloths?
Looking for some feedback on Epicuren
Bliss skincare line
Benefit Pocket Pal
How to Make Carbomer Gel
Can some recommend a soap for my daughter?
Skin Doctor's Dermabrite
:: Review :: Pevonia Matifying Oily Skin Cream
weird but great new use for jurlique silk dust
Don't waste your money on Thermage
Don't waste your money on Thermage
Retin A - Do U REALLY have 2 wait to apply moisturizer??
Best caesar salad dressing: Paul Newman
Stop eyeshadows creasing - I found my solution!
SkinTX is here!
Fess up girls - What have you tried for weight loss?
Paypal on EDS?
Did I buy the right castor oil?
Goji berries...the most powerful antioxidant?
mineral makeup i not doing this properly?
Review - Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 30 powder
I have a problem with my digestive system, what should I do?
need some tips for zenbiotic, please help
Ladies who beat stretch marks woes - Please share exp
Benefit Bluff Dust: the best natural finish
My hair is back! conclusions + recs!
Those who quit smoking............
Has anyone tried that IQ Derma Under Eye Rescue?
Serious mineral makeup ladies
Preconditioner when coloring hair?
Shelf Life of Shampoo?
Rave for Candy's Lavender Perfume-- many uses~
Babor Intelli-zyme?
Back to Basics Shampoo
Why use mineral makeup over liquid?
Winner For Friday, January 19, 2007.
More information I got on Cellcosmet
Will moisturizer w/ceramides, HA..add 2 anti aging benefits?
All Retin A users 4 anti aging (not acne) what's Ur routine?
Just had a fight with my boyfriend
Any thoughts on MAC skincare?
Speziali Fiorentini/Lotion Reviews
Where to get Juice Beauty Green Apple peel samples online?
skin tags - removal
This is off topic - cameras
Can I mix these ingredients altogether in aloe vera gel?
Anyone use Retin A to keep breast skin firm and elastic?
HG RAVE: Carekate's hair serum + SAS KGF hair serum
ROC Hydra+ Matifying Re-Sourcing Care: Fresh Hydrating Gel
***Request comments on my current skin regimen***
Has anyone tried the new Clinique All About Eyes RICH?
RAVE: Candessence mango butter "heart"
Rosehip Seed Oil - use it straight or diluted?
DMAE - are its effect lasting or just temporary?
Tip: Castor oil on lashes
Review: Tarte The Toolbox Brow Know-how
hair coloring
My Search for HG Mascara
Playing with baby panda in New Zealand?
Theory: Could Yoga Give Actives a Boost?
Who wears a girdle to hold her butt in?
Who has the worst ex-boyfriend or ex-husband ever?
Hair conditioning mask vs regular hair conditioner
Post your pics!!! So we can put a face to a name :)
The best cocktail you have ever had
My homemade physical sunblock
Bladderwrack = kelp, anyone used it in this form?
how can I thicken my thinning hair?
MAC brushes - do the hairs fall out of yours?
What is the new products now
Bride has massive hair wig out!
Dear Abby, what do I do about my selfish sisters?
Dear Abby, what do I do about my selfish sisters?
Does anyone know of a good colon cleanser?
Ojon Tawaka Range - Anyone tried?
spaghetti recipe
Have body/back acne? Use Head and Shoulders
Do you think that....
Question on Applying Revitalash?
What is your favorite foundation (base)?
Problem sending PM ... stuck in Outbox.
Girls over 35-what is your favorite skin care process?
Do you believe Paula Begoun ???
Please recommend me a powder foundation
Review: Bourjois Yes to Volume Mascara
Z-Silc SPF 30 sunscreen?
Anyone tried FLABJAB or LIPODISSOLVE " mesotherapy&quo
DMAE spray recipe please
Dr. Sagers essential arnica eye firming gel
Someone stole my bike!
love cats?
Has anyone tried/heard of Sovage Tummy Flattening Gel?
Has anyone tried the Paves hair line?
Question About Facials
body shapers/slimmers
First night of Relax-A-Line
MMU ok for combo/dry skin?
Who can help my eyes :))
Bio brasion Facials
*~~~~~~~~ Winner for Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007 ~~~~~~~~*
Discolored toe nails ...anything out there to whiten them?
Did Relax-A-Line feel kind of like this...?
Make-up for OILY SKIN! HELP!
Help me come up with a menu for my Oscars party!! :-)
Zenbiotic Discount
What is the best hair serum that smooths hair out?
Anyone knows of a natural remedy for Ringworm on arm?
Woohoo....just got my PADI ID excited
Rave for EDS Customer Service
Mole Removal
Going to Manchester & London
backne :( please help
Need Help shipping items overseas
Would you pls recommend eyeshadow for everyday use?
Any recent break through to treat acne scars?
What's hiding in your food?
Brocato Saturation is a fabulous hair product
Ebay and skin care...
Colloidal Silver?
Healthfood Store - Need Some Advice
Went from blonde to brunette today! Need moral support :)
Any Dr. H experts?
Please help me with order of applications
PSF Berry Beneficial Antioxidant Serum -- thoughts?
Mist Foundation
Has anyone used SAS Marine Cream?
Has anyone used SuperCop2X on Scar/ Surgical Incision??
Recommended use of AminoGenesis Tripeptinon??
Need to boost energy
Match foundation to the neck or face?
best peachy blush?
A big thank you to American firefighters
Review: Best Bath Store Moisture Rich Shampoo :)
RIP my T3 Straighteners - went Kaboom this morning!!
Still dehydrated tried suggestions but nothing.
carekate = awesomeness incarnate
anxious when driving - help!
homemade brightening serum receipt?
What American Accent Do You Have?
Can anyone recommend a nice non flavoured nude lipstick?
Clinique Take The Day Off Eye Makeup Remover
Anyone here used MAC Blot Powder
just when i thought it could not get better--hair pics
Pills make hair grow fast
What about hand soap?
Anyone own a Korat? (breed of cat)
*** UK - Where do you shop online? ***
*** Cotton vs Gauze ***
How to set power makeup
does anybody suffer from dry nasal passages?
need a "diagnosis"
Review: Follique
Where can I get OBAGI Retinoin online in the UK? Thanks!
Review: CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
Hair stylist Tips?
Active Concepts Product List
What shape does your lipstick take after a couple uses?
skin advice for 22 year old brother.. help!
Can I make aspirin mask with castor oil?
what's the difference between a hydrator and a moisturizer
blackheads and mild pimples
Where do you buy your EMU oil? What to look for in EMU oil?
Skin Bio's products
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (naturally derived from coconut oil)??
Product to rid facial peach fuzz?
Best makeup mirror with lights?
Please don't hold me to this but JM AIE....
RAVE: Candessence Almond Amaretto Latte Soap
BLAH Laura Geller Phenomenal Foundation
Your all-time favorite movie(s), actor(s), actress(es)?
Sephora is somewhat shifty...
Don't forget to check your Trader Joe's for goodies!
Will Gatineau Melatogenine Pen work on nose to mouth lines?
Do you think that slim body cream can really be useful?
Calling anyone who has used John Masters Organic Hair Pomade
Hi, question about acne scars and removal products
ARDELL...lash accelerator...
IS CLINICAL Rejeuvenating/Resurfacing masques
DIY question - I cannot find where this has been addressed b
DIY eye cream?
any Cetaphil users?
What do you do just to feel glamorous?
Candessence Magic Mask {{Rave}}
Question for ladies who work in retail
Frozen products
Do You Adore Fresh Cosmetics Lemon Sugar Scent?
REVIEW: Talika Eyelash Conditioning Cream
I know that most drugstore shampoos are bad for hair but..
Newbie: Was inspired to do my 1st DIY Mask
What was your very first skincare product?
Interesting chat with Justin from Best Bath Store
Smart or Stupid?
Mineral Make up Discount Codes!!!!
*REVIEW* Zenbiotic Foundation Pack + other products
You Thought Your Tissues Were Safe
Not skin, but teeth. . .
someone took away my newspaper
{{RAVE}} Trader Joe's NOURISH SPA shampoo/conditioner
Alima color question
Recs for undereye concealer?
A big ROFL at American Idol rejects on Larry King...
Férrelon - another Acetyl Hexapeptide Serum - Heard of it?
Oils for Massage Therapy
Please help me with Violox - I feel like a dork!
blackheads - only visible to me?
Anyone tried ISClinical mask?
Does anyone know any REAL home-based business ??
American Idol screening process
Carekate's Energizing Nuturing Shampoo: Short review
What ever happened to customer service?
Antioxidant Testing
Small bumps under the arms?
What does it feel like when....
Girls - We need more BAD REVIEWS, so you can help us save $
Do I need more moisture or exfoliation? (using zenbiotics)
Flight Help & Decleor
Best eyeliner?
to get rid of annoying facial hair...
Better than microdermabrasion?
Free at last...from OILIES!!!!
Have you ever tried walking on the treadmill with your dog?
Where do you live? (City and State only please)
Do you apply DMAE serum over or under your Retin A?
Should I try PSF Browtox?
Better than microdermabrasion?
:: Review :: Gernetic Adipo Gasta
supplement for skin: Imedeen or fancl or anything else?
If a product balls off your face upon application..what ...
Review: L'Occitane Floral Cleansing Jelly
RAVE: Donell K-Derm Cream to repair damaged skin
IS Clinical Sunscreen Powder Review
Good Luck Deluxe
Help for DIY (eye cream)
In your opinion is a 25 yo guy too young?
Review: Shiseido Sheer Enhancer Base SPF 15
What product did you LOVE at FIRST. . .
Which is Your Favorite Silver Fox?
Help: Anyone use T3 Trio Brush Set?
Question for curling hair: heated roll?
Recommendation fo 50+?
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Visibly Even Foaming Cleanser
How fast do you go through your sunscreen?
Silk Dust/ Pearl Primer Comparison
Read any good BOOKS lately?
Question about storing jojoba oil mixed with rosehip seed
need eyeshadow application "tutorial"
Holt Renfrew exchange policy?
No JM Eyelash until summer 2007
Talika Eyelash Treatment Gel + Revitalash ?
Anyone use Dove Energy Glow or Sensitive Skin products?
HELP!!Find a dress to wear to my sister's wedding~
What is your most valuable EDS lesson? :)
Perming my hair
Can't stay logged in
MD Skincare
which cleanser should i try next? sisley, babor, Dr H, Erno?
sorry searched but couldnt find thread on PH levels etc
Using serums and acids at the same time
Suggestion for revamping the FAQ
Suggestion for revamping the FAQ
Which eye cream is better,PeterThomasRoth/Cellcosmet/Decleor
Thinning eyebrwos
Skin resurface
My stitches are soooo itchy!!!
BQ, Quasar and Lightstim safety issues????
Anyone with acne use Proactiv SPF15 oil-free?
Smoky Eye Application Instructions
I Feel Pretty Products New Cleansers - Review
Favourite masks to remedy hormonal acne??
What's your fave cleanser to use with Clarisonic?
Thank you Prize for most praised - HAS BEEN CANCELLED
salon skincare product dilemma
What happened while I was working?
What is the best moisturizer with SPF for acne-prone skin?
Frustration w/ magazine orders- need advice
Kids Say the Darndest Things
Greasy hair - help!!
Greasy hair - help!!
Sisley Restorative Facial Cream with Shea Butter
:: Review :: Sothys Instant Radiance Ampoules
Caution on propylene glycol
Winner For Friday, January 26, 2007.
Carekate's lip balm colors
Which eye cream is good for removing chicken skin? not milia
Aha and/or retinols and self tanner
Best Ingredients
Decleor 10-Day Radiance Powder Cure
Decleor 10-Day Radiance Powder Cure
What do BRIGHTEN, REVITALIZE and GLOW mean exactly?
From the neck up - what's your BEST FEATURE?
Oily forehead and nose?
Aubrey Orgaincs anyone?
RAVE and a HALF! ~ * Garden of Wisdom Cleansing Oil ~ *
Whats the most EDS site "improved" feature from th
What's the best under eye cream you've tried?
Is Revitlash getting taken off the market too???
Sephora Skincare
Bad to use moisturizer with SPF as a night cream?
Renova 0.05%
Mixing DMAE serum with HA serum
article on women shaving their faces....
John Masters Organics Rose & Apricot Antioxidant Day Cre
Rant:: Comcast - worst customer service EVER!!!!
Can face masks replace exfoliation?
20% off JM Age Intervention Eyelash & RevitaLash
Fountain Cosmetics
Foundation balling up on top of DMAE and C serums
Skin care typing recommendation
Questions for Skinbio's LacSal users.
hoods on eyes
The Thermostat wars have begun!
scars from cortisone injections
John Masters Organics Orange & Vanilla Body Milk - yuk!
SAG Awards 2007
Help please Eluage is breaking me out!
DMAE serum 5% - how much to apply for face & neck?
Reaction to copper peptides?
Estee Lauder - Resilience Lift Extreme ?
Estee Lauder - Resilience Lift Extreme ?
Mineral Makeup Colors/Shades
Make your own copper peptide solution
Other lines of organic haircare besides John Masters?
Milia on Upper Eyelid
Best Eye Cream Used As A Preventative Measure?
*~~~~~~~~ Winner for Tuesday, January 30th, 2007 ~~~~~~~~*
Anyone heard of transderma C?
Review:: Nivea Restorative Night hand cream
L'Occitane is on EDS!!
*** Question: 2% BHA Lotion ***
Make-up tips needed
looking for a good recent feel-good/escapism movie on DVD
NaPCA-What the heck is it?
Guess Who's Rehearsing In Vancouver?
any DIY version to get rid of facial hair?
Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil
ifeelpretty line eraser your results
Off to Montreal at the end of the month
Like the hearts !!
Nubar nail polish -- anyone tried it?
HELP: mineral foundation color
What do YOU believe to be the best Preventative Skincare?
HELP: mineral foundation color
Snooze Button - Evil or Good?
Nu Skin ProDerm Skin Analyzer - Has Anyone Heard Of This?
I just ordered PSF's new super hydrating eye treatment...
Save your $ - Don't buy Jason Shaman Shampoo and Conditioner
Manuka honey UMF 20+ for skin - my experiment
Review - Tracie Martyn Enzyme Exfoliant
WOW Have You Seen The Product Listing Changes
Help with Epidermix II
Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream
Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel
Fyrinnae Mineral Makeup - Review of Foundation Samples
Clarins Flash Beauty Balm???
mint or gum?
Ready for a Change - Long
help: two lines on my neck!
Advice for newbie DIYer?
Review: Evan's Garden MMU Samples
Ancient chinese baby gender predictor, accurate ?
TIPPING? Please help
eyelash perm? Had you had it done?
Free to curly girls
Rosemary Oil -where to buy? Any particular type to look for?
How can I make my bathroom smell nice???
Phyt's Cosmetics at Sundance film festival
Pink/ Yellow undertone foundation?
Oily eyelids - How do you keep eye makeup on?!?!?!?
Has anyone heard of a book by Dr.Baumann "Skincare Solu
OMG whattttt have I done!!!!
Luxury brand from Spain - Alqvimia
Sisley Hydra Global - has anyone tried this?
DS Laboratories Trioxil.PM Anti-Acne Gel (30 ml) Clarks Botanicals Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream (50 ml) glominerals Persuasion Eye Palette (7.2 g / 0.25 oz)