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Archived Topics
EDS Skin Care Forums Forum Index » Archived Topics » January 2012

January 2012
Retin A and Emu Oil
uneven skin tone
I've fallen for La Mer. Any deals or extras to be had?
Tooth Whitening Suggestions
When can new members posts pictures?
Non-shampoo shampoo? aka Chagrin Valley Shampoo Bars
VISS IPL and Skin Rejuvenator
Cleaning Clarisonic Brush Heads? Also, what about cleaning
most effective and least time consuming facial exercise
Ultherapy one day after
big luscious hair
TCA peels reduce risk of skin cancer?
Experience With Lemon Oil ?
My Darn Congested Nose Pores - Oil Method
Gentle exfoliant for the eye area
First time post, needing advice....suddenly im so old.
Does anyone make/use DIY scrub for scalp???
Where can I buy glycolic acid online?
Anyone using Tua Tr'end for BODY?
The Best Shower Oil Ever!
Retin A, over exfoliation and eye area?
Retin A, over exfoliation and sudden aging of skin?
Paula's Choice New Resist Retinol Serum
Kerastase Densitive Daily Anti Hair Thinning Pills
How do I speed up Juvederm absorbtion?
Hyperpigmentation After 20% Salicylic Acid Peel(Brown Skin)
Dry Lip Remedy needed
**warning to those who are considering face exercises**
Residue after applying Retin-A Micro Pump 0.1%
Ralph Lauren Bedding Outlet
Ralph Lauren Bedding Outlet
Please recommend a tinted spf moisturizer
Acne products for a pre-teen!
Yuroll Jade Double Roller - Eye & Face Roller
Post 12.5 TCA Peel - can't wait to do it again
How often do you clean your ears?
Swanson Niacinamide Cream?....Anyone heard of?, Used?
Hydrocortisone for the face????HELP
Very dark lips
DPL LED Light malfunction
Help: Perfecting my skincare regimen (20+ year old)
Help: Perfecting my skincare regimen (20+ year old)
Help: Perfecting my skincare regimen (20+ year old)
Help: Perfecting my skincare regimen (20+ year old)
New and almost 50 and need a good skin care regimen
Could someone recommend me an Obagi routine, please?
Tanaka Massage gives open pores?
Missha Signature Wrinkle Filler Review
Pakistani forces have arrested three Iranian soldiers called
Los Angeles police said the arrest of an important series of
Pilates Reformer anyone?
Apple cider vinegar as an exfoliant?
Thalgo body products
obagi nuderm
Arbutin Vitamin C Kojic acid skin lightening gel
Brazillian Keratin Treatment Safe?
mild rosacea
DIY serum
conjugated linoleic acid/Tonalin CLA
Existing Stretchmarks Treatment needed
Wheat Germ Oil
Has anyone had the Jan Marini 40% Glycolic Peel?
HCG weight loss UPDATE please read :)
Greeting to all... new member here...
Facial Exercises
Fastest Way to get Rid of a Tan + Sunscreen is hazardous?
Vellus hair turned to Terminal hair help
Product advice for use with peels? Cleanser, moisturiser, CP
Ingrown Hair proper removal?
Ageless If We Dare upper eyelid exercise makes me nervous!
Lactic acid peels?
Vitamin A product for dermarolling
Post TCA peel questions
Success with Peter Thomas Roth De-Spot Skin Corrector?
skin regimen for over 40?
100% organic lip balm
Where to buy??
Lancer Dermatology Products - Oprah's dermatologist- LONG
heart is a tight one
Skin-Lasting Hydrator
How important is your cleanser in your daily routine?
"7 Second Eye Lift" cream
ultimate cleansers for dry-sensitive skin
question re: retin-a usage and vitamin A supplement
Jan Marini vs. Skinceuticals vs. ZO obagi
Bare Escentuals Vs. Jane Iredale (battle of the minerals)
Vitamin C serum plus sunscreen. Necessary?
Dermarolling and Laser Hair Removal?
Question about layering all of these products?!
Anyone using real coconut oil on face or body? Ok w/cop p?
Best face exercises for chubby cheeks
diy Ageless Secret
Remedy needed for dry brittle nails
Buy Retin-a without a prescription. $49.95
Buy RetinA without a prescription. $49.95
Buy RetinA without a prescription. $49.95
Buy RetinA without a prescription. $49.95
DeVita Moroccan Rose Facial Toner
jawline exercises
Glamour tips from Hollywood stars of yesteryear
Eyelash Extensions Safe?
spray on sunblock for face?
winter coat
Wholeslae Handbags,dropship wholesale
Not sure my skin done well this chemical peel? Anybody know?
Is it me? ProLight, Quasar, etc.
how to apply Glycoderma 25% glycolic acid
Lifestyle List - the issue of positive and negative reviews
Niacinamide to fade brown spots?
Rodial Glamtox Night vs. Creme de la Mer? advice ?
retina101 advice ?
Ha anyone tried the Phillips Lumea IPL device?
Nail Polish Remover Quality
Alternative to castor oil for OCM
The psoriasis itch
Yellowish face tone after application of vit C serum
Retin a vs retinyldehyde
which is the best led light to get
What has been your best supplement for skin?
what to look for in a ph meter
Brightening Moisturizer Needed!
Anyone tried anti ageing Strength Within Supplements ?
Anyone tried anti ageing Dove Strength Within Supplements ?
My oily skin feels even oilier since Obagi NuDerm
What is Moroccan Argan oil used for?
On Obagi, but going to the beach in a few weeks, help
AA Lightstim vs Lightstim for Wrinkles
Cindy Crawford's spooky new face
Hydroquinone - Obagi expert needed
My results with RapidLash (includes pictures)!
My results with RapidLash (includes pictures)!
Get rid of sun spots on face without harsh chemicals
What kind of deoderant is strongest?
LED panels with amber lights in addition
How to get smooth and "poreless" legs?
Anyone heard of Bellahut products?
Which creams/ointments/serums to use after strong TCA peels?
What is the story with Silk Pillow Cases?
Urea Cream
My RapidLash review (with pictures)!
Why is Payot being promoted so heavily on EDS?
Any good lifting moisturiser?
Face exercises cause open pores?
Obagi : different levels of routine
Incorporating Vit-C 20% Serum to Obagi Nuderm routine
Layering Skinactives LMC and Twilight Cream over AHA/BHA?
Did anyone try Go Away Gray Hair Color Restoration Supplemen
New zo skinhealth products( medical grade)
Zuii Organic makeup
Mattifer for very oily skin with SPF
At home peel recs? Never had a peel before..
Alternative to SkinBiology LacSal Cream? (Salicylic/Lactic)
Exercises or tools to help shrink a bulbous nose?
Elta Sunscreens
Under eye help!
Where to buy authentic Obagi and Tretinoin online
Products used in conjunction with Derma Roller
SPF/UPF Driving Gloves Recommendations?
What do I need to improve my complexion?
Just had to share
Is Shellac nail polish harmful to your nails?
Is Perfekt a tinted primer?
Can doing eye exercises help improve vision?
Is there a before and after picture forum on this board?
recipe or homemade suggestion for DRY SHAMPOO SPRAY?
Good Ulthera doctor near San Mateo, CA area?
Sudden change in skin at 21, Advice needed
Success in pore size reduction?
DIY BHA/AHA liquid recipe for use with CPs? (salicylic/lacti
Help I have Dandruff!
Do you take more than 3000mg Omega 3 per day?
Strawberry Laser Lipo for eye bags.
Best product for Frizzy hair?! Tried everything
How often do you wash your cosmetic brushes and how?
Vitamin C Serum with Pills?
Any reviews on Vivier Platine line?
Serum recipe (oils) that can be used under eyes also?
acne treatment works for me!!!
acne treatment works for me!!!
acne treatment works for me!!!
How do you buy Safetox in USA?
Which country?
symphisis pubis dysfunction (SPD) or pelvic girdle pain?
Skin care tools specifically for body. Discussion?
Best sunscreen to use with obagi for melasma
Are there any people who us PSF Phyto-Lift Cranberry Eye Gel
Newbie in Need of Help (Facial Exercises)
Long term effects of medication use on skin and aging?
Odd effect of my glasses touching Obagi treated skin/nose
Lotion Base for DIY lactic acid lotion
3 Lab WW Cream - Has anyone tried?
Sevani products
effect of the photo rejuvenation on filler
Could this all natural face cream cause my skin to react?
How do I make a Clear Vit C and Ferulic Acid Serum?
Chem Peel for combination/acne/clogged pores/sensitive????
My Shadow always CREASES!! Which primer actually works?????
Incredible skin care products!!!
Newbie who really needs help...HF, skincare...I'm so lost.
I need a new hairdryer!
Amino Genesis Products on the Shopping Channel
Replacing ethoxydiglycol in homemade serum
Replacing ethoxydiglycol in homemade serum
bad side effects copper peptides?
Best Lotion/Moisturizer to use post glycolic peel?
If you could've started early, which facial ex program?
I am new on Board and seek your Advice.PLEASE guide and HELP
Foundation recommendations for difficult, oily skin?
That special Eye Lift Cream with WOW effect.
Facial exercises and TCA peels qustion!
Eye liner on lower lid ok?
creams to use with derma roller?
I dont know
Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream - Feedback? (Nano?)
Why should you not scratch stretch marks?
Antiaging Lightstim on sale for 189$
Dehydrated wrinkled skin??
How did Jennifer Hudson get rid of her stretch marks?
Is it true that you are not supposed to pluck above eyebrow?
New to OCM and I have questions
Waxing the Upper Lip
holes in face at 28
How to get rid of brown spots on chest - retin A?
Eye serum recommendations
Question about cleansers and copper peptides?
Perricone: Acyl- Glutathione Eye Lid Serum
Has anyone every tried Just Natural Skincare products?
Has anyone ever tried Just Natural products?
Help with retin a
Is it possible to make your hair grow faster?
Facial massage, pinching, pulling, dry brushing, etc...???
StriVectin TL Advanced Light Tightening Neck Cream (50 ml) Clarks Botanicals Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream (50 ml) glominerals Persuasion Eye Palette (7.2 g / 0.25 oz)