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Archived Topics
EDS Skin Care Forums Forum Index » Archived Topics » June 2010

June 2010
sweat free moisturizer
HELP!! Obagi use - is this normal?
Adult acne
I need help!!!
Bridal day skin & make-up
Any recommendations for glycolic acid products
Best loose Powder for Coverage?
Vit A or Retinyl Palmitate in almost everything now...
*~~~~~~ Winner for June 1st, 2010 ~~~~~~*
Chemical Peel around eyes?
Longer Eyelashes
Review:: Devita Ultra Solar 50
What do you guys eat?
Radio Waves Frequency for Eye Bags "Ultrasound treatmen
Sandalwood Powder, Rose Water & Glycerin
Vegetarians, where do u take ur amino acids from?
Retinol AND Glycolic Acid AND HQ??? Bad idea???
EDS has the new Murad primers and concealers!! Need to try
Fillers for Under Eyes
Opinions on Revive - Especially Revive Moisturizing cream
Recipes and so much more!
Review: First Aid Beauty at Sephora
Cheek Lift? Juvederm Ultra Plus, Radiesse OR Ultrasound
Anyone used Peter Thomas Roth Natural Looking Self Tanner?
Super hydrating eye cream with spf for VERY sensitive eyes??
Online vitamins/supplements in Europe (Spain)?
Help! Concerning TCA peel please.
Rejuvicare skin, hair or nail supplements
Eyelash growth
Anyone Heard about Nora Bode Oxyjet Set ?
Skinceuticals Phyto+ Botanical Gel for Hyperpigmentation
All DayChemist & Retinoids
*~~~~~~ Winner for June 4th, 2010 ~~~~~~*
still trying to find all natural lip plumper, no silicones
Sharing the baby quasar with another person
Routine for facial care
please help me with rough skin with shallow pitted acne scar
Easy way to exfoliate your lips
soap, powder, face cream, foaming cleaser, which is best?
:: Review :: Dr. Hauschka Deo Fresh Roll On - BAD
Applying sunscreen
Is it worth it to move up in strength with Retin A?
Good body scrub
Searching for a Bronzing Body Lotion withOUT selftanning.
Retinol? Renova? Alldaychemist? Generic? Confusion!!!!
Prepping skin for TCA peel?
baby quasar or omnilux red and blue light for home use?
Tretinoin/Retin A and laser hair removal
Ridiculously dry forehead?
Another new gadget called Venus Secret
Obagi Nu Derm: What am I doing wrong?
I got Juvederm xc!
Should all the skin covered in TCA peel off?
Lines around the nose
Youtube DermTVdotcom
Do I need a retinoid?
retin a for brown spots on hands
Perlane or Juvederm Ultra plus for cheeks???
Dry skin on legs
Avene sunscreen and free radicals
Skin care for a man?
Dark circles under my eyes? Skin is too thin!
How to naturally lighten skin?
DIY Forum green smoothie recipe index?
Retin A
Comment from Man to Woman about Looks
Cheek Filler Discovery!
Topical Hormone Gels/Creams. Etc.
Best stick on false eyelashes
Has anyone used the new DDF ReVolve microdermabrasion yet?
Skin absorbing dry skin, not shedding it? (TCA Peel)
My skin is thickening?
Chemical Peels
small bumps due to dermarolling
Revaleskin and Obagi at the same time?
Homemade Vitamin C serum results
Diacneal- How do I incorporate it into my regimen?
Which kind of cleanser can work better with Clarisonic
Skin Care Ingredients to AVOID & MUST have Ingredients
Has anyone tried Nanoblur??
Evening primrose oil
My skin type
vitamin c serum for a 25 yr old
Under Eye Wrinkles - Any Suggestions?
*~~~~~~ Winner for June 8th, 2010 ~~~~~~*
Applying Raw Ingredients
Need info on Greens+ Smoothie Benefits
small, hard bumps under the skin on the face after sweating.
Mineral Veil
Silly question? Cream for eyelids?
Lash and brow growth from Skin Actives.
Fusion Beauty and Seven Bar Foundation Lip Gloss
Acne Solution- BRTC Blemish Bundle Set
The New DPL Nuve Handheld LED
Jen Aniston's secret - Neutrogena "Amber Bar" Soap
Being too thin ages your face!
Professional High Frequency Devices
MLab skin care on TSC this Friday
wanting a breast augmentation...
Eyelash Extensions - Recent Experience
can i use blender with retin a gel........
Vit E to get rid of acne scars or just scars on face or body
What's wrong with Mineral Oil/ Petroleum?
Tips for applying mineral makeup with kabuki brush?
Anyone using the Brightening Cream from skinactives?
My personal facial exercise Discovery
DIY Natural Cleanser Ideas for oily skin
Article: Do Retinoids Thin Your Skin?
Black Castor Oil for eyebrow growth ??
*~~~~~~ Winner for June 11th, 2010 ~~~~~~*
Tightening cream? Facial exercise? Feeling depressed!
What topicals to use with the Baby Blue & Baby Quasar?
Self Tanner for face?
Going under the knife!
Heard about new anti-aging drink from N Korea?
TNS Recovery Complex
Question Regarding L'Oreal "UV Perfect", Stability
enlarging lips to shorten philtrum
Starting Meladerm
Can I just mix L-ascorbic acid with AV gel?
What to do about Spider Veins on Legs
La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Fluide Extreme....Sold in U.S.??
Retinoids.... a cautionary tale!
laset terapy - home version machine?
What massage cream/oil do you use for Tanaka's massage?
How long does it take for sunspots to appear?
Where to buy Renova cheap?
Ingredients to darken hair ( no dyes, henna, ....)
Good explanation of OCM Oil Cleansing Method
an anti aging moisturizer without vitamin a
E'shee Clinical Esthetic skin care line, anyone try it?
Enduring Beauty, supplements, think worth the $$?
Advice Needed re CP's and Stretchmarks!!!
Has anyone ever gotten a silkpeel done?
Using AHAs and BHAs post peel?
Eye care after u/l belph?
Can you apply mineral sunscreen immediately after Vit C?
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Get $5.00 of your first purchase at iHerb
Ayurveda for the skin
Peter Thomas Roth & Juice Beauty sunscreens with Vit A..
Earth Science Beta-Ginseng Nutrient Toning Elixir
Nivea Skin Firming Lotion Witn Q10
What should I use after Obagi Nu-Derm System?
MarieVeronique has d/c Moisturizing Face Screen spf 30
pitted acne scars and powder over liquid makeup
the more i exfoliate
whats the best moisturiser for acne rosacea skin
Getting married in a month. -- Can you give me tips?
Brazilian Blowout
Suggest a Comparable Sunblock to DDF Organic SPF30 :(!!!
LovelySkin Vitamin C&E and Ferulic Serum
My First TCA Peel
Clairol Perfect 10
Burnout Sunscreen Review (physical sunscreen) -RAVE
*~~~~~~ Winner for June 15th, 2010 ~~~~~~*
Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide
Using 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide To Remove Keratoses
Just got my hair straightened
After using Self-Tanner on face do you not use toner?
Thumbs up for Base Formula Aloe Vera & Seaweed Gel
Aesop: B Triple C
Skin care tips for would be bride
Will acne scars improve? Shallow acne scars
Using 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide To Remove Keratoses
retinyl palmitate in sunscreen unsafe?
Preventing Cancer...
Bumps on elbows?
Help!!...need advice Re: Anthelios sunscreen..
Osmotics FNS Nutrilash Lash & Brow Enhancer
Elixia - Australian Skincare Range
Is this DIYer one of you EDS ladies?
My Pretty Pink Box review just got this today!
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
How do you apply your careprost/lumigan?
Embracing my gray hair
DHC Eyelash Tonic
phyto gel
MUAC Chemical Peels
Any get that Keratin Complex done to straighten hair
Share your experiences about Retin A
Foundation for oily skin
JoElla Milan website change???
Is it Seborrheic Keratosis OR something else?
Oily but Sagging Skin. Help!
How do I find 'what's new' on EDS?
*~~~~~~ Winner for June 18th, 2010 ~~~~~~*
st tropez self tan bronzing mousse on face?
Pea Size? Really? I feel like I should be applying more
Live in UK, where can I buy 1.5roller cheap?
carolyn's facial fitness, anyone tried this?
I love Radiesse!!
Decleor Harmonie/Rose D'Orient range for sensitive skin
Careprost/lumigan on thinning patches of scalp
Seedy Whiteheads--How to get rid of?
Help with Lines/Wrinkles on Bridge of Nose
Small bumps all over face after using a new product?
Looking for a great antioxidant body lotion, any recs?
Daily sunscreen for work?
finding dr.roller
Chin wrinkles
Glycolics - Good or Bad and Which One
New and confused Carole Maggio exercises
Heated rollers and heat protection spray
Effective TCA Peel Recommendations?
Are my wrinkles permanent? (PLEASE READ)
Are my wrinkles permanent?
Anyone purchase any products from "Ardyss Life"?
L'oreal Anti-ageing Cleansing, Gel Toner & Visible Radia
Looking for a good shower filter?
HELP threw everything out... need recommendations! CONFUSED
NEW Juice Beauty makeup!!
boudoir photography
Why Skin Cancer Is on the Rise
Gradual self tanners
Need Tips to get smooth elbows
Home remedies for pimples
My solution for oily skin.
lavender in sunscreens
TJ Maxx--Any brands I should look for??
How do I search properly?
Protective Clothing for Sun Safety
Still have numerous nodules after 3+ yrs from lipo dissolve
Hado Labo
How long do you keep a product that doesnt work for you?
Earthen Instant Peel
Raise your hand ~ Who can say Vit C serum really works?
*~~~~~~ Winner for June 22nd, 2010 ~~~~~~*
Eve Lom reviews? Eve Lom vs Liz Earle?
Confusion Over the Need to Buy Copper Cream From Someone Els
L-Ascorbic acid at USD10 - realible?
beauty products
banana and milk mask
Where to Find Effective Acne Solutions
Where to Find Effective Acne Solutions
Post your face
8 Revolutionary Anti-Aging Ingredients
Rapid Aging
Supplement that really tighten your skin/improve elasticity?
Using obagi clear to clear hyperpigmentation................
Roman Hemperor Moisturizer by Hoss Sauce
Has anyone tried or heard anything on Benefit POREfessional?
Purging period
Uglogirl - does anyone know what is happening?
Birthday present for someone..need suggestions
What happened to my face, its so swollen now what can i do
What happened to my face, how come its so ugly now
What happened to my face, its so swollen now what can i do
Has anyone used rx systems pf?
Skin Flushing Acai Juice
Leg Waxing questions
Manage puffy eyes with egg white
cleanser that doesn´t sting the eyes
Best of Sephora Award Question
TruthinAging article on Retin A/Tretinoin and toxicity
dark circles and peels
What happened to my face, its so swollen now what can i do
*~~~~~~ Winner for June 25th, 2010 ~~~~~~*
Neostrata Body Smoothing Lotion
Tretinoin use with retinol
Share your Makeup tips
Avene Retrinal UK
Quoting multiple posters at once
Licorice root as a skin lightener
Nasolabial Creases, Folds, Lines in your 30's, 40's and 50's
Caring for bleached hair
Surgi Wax for face and Brows?
Latest anti-aging skincare: Bioelectric creams ?
Vitamin E Oil - Pure
Blemishes or inflamation from tweezing,how to treat?
Steaming before aspirin mask
NOTH serum and Careprost
Moroccan Oil for hair
How to get rid of blackheads and enlarged pores?
Face exercises for beginners
AHAVA: Multi-Vitamin Dry Oil Mandarin Cedarwood, Pure Silk
Age for Prescription Retinoid Use
preventing saggy and loose skin on body(legs,arms,tummy)?
Androcco Cleansing Oil and Argan Oil
Kao Biore Aqua Rich Watery Mousse SPF 50
Water and your complexion
"speed braces" or 6 month braces anyone hear of th
Is Avene a good brand of skincare?
Do you still use expired eye creams?
Powdery residue from micro-retin?
Epionce Lytic Lotion
help with damaged skin / dehydrated oily skin
why are you using Retin-A (& Obagi)
When are you too old for ___ makeup/hair?
vitamin d3 for hormonal acne?
Review - Valmont Nature Reviving with a Biological Scrub
Pearl Paste, BHA Souffle
Favorite Pressed Powder Foundations?
Your skin loves.........
"Hooded" Eyelids
Arasys Perfector/Ion Magnum for face rejuve/body contouring?
Can anyone recommend a good TCA & glycolic peel?
Can someone recommend a TCA and Glycolic peel?
Can I use glycolic acid with retin-a?
*~~~~~~ Winner for June 29th, 2010 ~~~~~~*
What is wrong with my skin? Please help!
Can Differin cause acne in the beginning of use?
DMAE supplement for the skin
Vitamin Injections
Can you ever trust a Beauty Editor?
Effective Acne Treatment
Effective Acne Treatment
BrightTherapy SL-50 Light Therapy Laser working good so far
StriVectin TL Advanced Light Tightening Neck Cream (50 ml) glominerals Persuasion Eye Palette (7.2 g / 0.25 oz) RevitaLash Volumizing Mascara Espresso (7.39 ml / 0.25 floz)