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Best of Sephora and Supernatural Poreless SPF 15 Review
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Joined: 27 Aug 2005
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Mon Sep 17, 2007 10:20 am      Reply with quote
Ok, I wanted the Supernatural poreless SPF 15 and added in the Best of Sephora kit which contained more Philosophy products. (I saw the Philosophy segment on QVC and was interested in the line, but with so many mixed reviews I didn't want to take the plunge on the large sized offered on QVC until i knew they worked for me or not)

Anywho, here the link on Sephora so you'll know what I'm reviewing:

FYI: The Best Of Sephors kit contains all the best winners of 2006. It runs $30 for Beauty insiders.

Ok: The supernatural poreless SPF 15: At first I really didn't like it. It made my face feel, well, funny. My face felt slick. Not oily's hard to describe. Let's just say that when I tried to rest my face on my hand, my head kept sliding off.
Unlike the Clinique pore minimizer (or LUX) this product goes on all over. I think that is were I was put off. When I compared both products they both have that 'slick' feel, but the pore minimizer only goes on the problem areas. The philosophy product goes everywhere. At first, I didn't see much difference using the supernatural poreless. I could still see my pores, but they were slightly less noticeable (this is without foundation).
I've been using the products together now (kit products and Supernatural) for two weeks and noticed that they work really well together.
I've gotten used to the slick feeling and WHEN used with my tinted moisterizer OR after my fake tanner (Tropaz) then the superporeless works very well. I'm not an oil slick (despite that weird ass feeling of silica on my face) and overall I'm happy with the purchase. I will try the Dr. Denese Foundation Faker next and if it stinks will def. go back to Supernatural poreless SPF15. It does what it promises,but I'd like to find something that covers pores without that feeling of heavy chemicals on my face. Overall, this is not a rave, but I like the spf factor and I've found a way to use it and like it.

Purity made simple cleasner: I did not expect to like this product. There are tons of cleansers out there and I am a die hard OCM fan, BUT I plan on going on QVC to see if I can get the HUGE bottle of this. I like this better than Cetephil (which I just bought). I keep the cetephil and sample Purity in my shower for those lazy days when I don't OCM. I also face paint on the side and I was shocked at how easily this cleanser took off my theater make up. The Purity just melted it off with just my fingers. That was the selling point for me. If I was Tammy Fay Baker I would def. keep this in my bathroom for makeup removal!

Hope in a Jar: Once again..I didn't like the smell or consistancy, but this is growing on me. I wasn't overly impressed with it, but I was told this weekend I looked 26-27. I'm vain enough to have compliments win me over. I think it has to do with the glow factor with the hope in a jar and supernatural spf15. My skin looked REALLY good this weekend and I have only been using philosophy so I'm still a bit on the fence, but I'm falling towards the will repurchasing side. I do like that you get a rosy look to the cheeks with this cream. I also liked that it has beta glucans (however you spell it) that everyone on here was raving about a few months back. (I didn't get on the wagon, but did read all about it). This cream has those and it doesn't break me out (which is always a plus).

Microdelivery peel: Doesn't impress me at all. I have the Oil of Olay two step which seems the exact same peel to me. The philosophy one is priced at $65 compared to Olay at around $23 at Walmart. Granted, the Philosophy one says it has Vt C and peptides, but I swear the look and feel of the peel is the same as the Olay one. I didn't notice a difference, but to be fair the kit only came with two packages of the peel. I've done it four times (I split the samples in half) so maybe it just wasn't enough to really tell. For freebies, these are ok, but I'll stick to Epidermix for my microdermabrasion needs.

Amazing Grace Bath, Shampoo, and shower gel: I really liked this and it was the one product I didn't care was in the kit. Laughing It smells lovely and has a very light scent. As a shampoo it doesn't do it for me, but I like it as a shower gel. I like the idea of putting scent in your hair (since it will hold the smell so well), but I love my Ice Elements from Graham Webb so much that it is hard for me to give anything on my head a chance. Very Happy
For a date or special evening I would use this on my melon, but after a couple of days without shampoo (long haired ladies) or a hard day outside with a head full of sweat and grease...this doesn't cut it. It's nice enough, but I still need my heavy hitter shampoo. I should note that I do OCM and I need something to get the oil off when I get too close to the hairline. Amazing grace doesn't hack it on that, but it is still really nice product. I'm thinking of getting it at QVC too (they have the gigantic bottle). I like this as a shower gel. So pretty and great suds!

Overall, after two weeks of ONLY philosophy products I'm willing to try the Hope in a tube (for eyes) since I now have a warm fuzzy with this company that I'm willing to try their other products and will be getting the Purity made simple and Amazing Grace shower gel fom QVC (best prices and sizes). I will finish up the Hope in a Jar and then decide if I want to shell out money for the full size version (this line is SOOO expensive!). I'd love to hear what others think of this line too. Thanks all!

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Thu Sep 20, 2007 6:43 am      Reply with quote
Sounds like you had fun! I did not like Purity on my skin. I used the face cream and it was ok and the eye/lip cream and thought they were ok. However, a friend of mine stayed over recently and I was not here. She forgot her eye cream and found that in my cabinet. She called me and asked about it - said she had to have it. She has lovely skin already and is not quite as sensitive as I am around the eyes.

I used their microdermasion kit for several months, I set up auto delivery on QVC (it was around $30) and really liked it but quit buying it after I ran out.

I agree with you about the Amazing Grace Shampoo - I really wanted it to be a great shampoo because I love the scent but it was awful on my hair. I loved it as a shower gel and use it still, on occasion. I also have the Falling in Love and Pure Grace. I adore their scents. I do not use the same thing over and over and rotate them in and out of the shower frequently!

I used the Philosophy Supernatural for awhile but did not get quite the coverage I had hoped for. Although, once I got used to the sponge thing, it went on great and felt great.

I guess I am more into their fragrance line than anything else these days. The skin care stuff just did not wow me. However, I know lots of folks who do love their products. It always comes down to the same thing - what works for one may not work for another. I say if you are loving the products keep using them - regardless of what anyone else says about them. Enjoy.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I love their Cinnamon Buns shower gel too! I did not like their Shampoo/Conditioner for dry hair - it was not moisturizing at all for me.

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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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Thu Sep 20, 2007 7:14 am      Reply with quote
I love the philosophy shower gels. I have four in my cupboard right now. I also love their scrubs. I've never used much of their skincare items besides samples-- I've been close to ordering Purity and Hope in a Jar. I think I will definitely try some of it after reading your review. Thanks.
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Joined: 27 Aug 2005
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Fri Oct 05, 2007 3:12 pm      Reply with quote
Hi!! Thank you for the replies!

I'm still using up the Hope in a jar and I've found that using this on top of my ADCE my skin looks the best. My routine right now is as follows:

Purity Made Simple
Thayers Rose Toner
Mineral Prep (JB)
Hope in a Jar

Supernatural Poreless
A bit of St Tropaz mixed with a bit of tinted moisturizer. (I was running low on my BB Tinted moisturizer so mixed in my sample of St Tropaz! WOW! It looks SO good on! I was shocked. I love St Tropaz but don't always remember to do it at night (read as almost never remember). This gives me the look I want...lightly tans my skin and doesn't look streaky. I love it this combo on top of the Supernatural poreless). a light dusting of Jane Iredale MMU and I'm done!
(I didn't really like the MMU only, but using it as a powder on top of the TM really gives me the coverage I want without using as much of any of the 3 products I normally used to.

Lips2kiss tinted NG

OCM (really removes all the crap above without removing fake tan) Laughing
Thayers Rose toner
Retin A .025%

It really isn't as much work as it all sounds. I wish that the expensive stuff didn't work so well, but it does. I really think the OCM and DHCC allow the others to work better though. Just my opinion. Maybe its the retin a. I don't know. Only my skin looks better now than two years ago. Hehe

NOTE: I work nights now 6pm to 6am and so I don't really need the sunscreen during my 'days'. The Supernatural spf 15 is enough for me and the St tropaz helps me look less vamperic. Laughing

40. Routine: OCM, ThayersRoseToner as needed, Dr. Denese Dream Cream and Eye Cream
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Sat Aug 17, 2019 6:57 am
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