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ACRA Permanent Hair Removal Device

ACRA Permanent Hair Removal Device   



The ACRA Permanent Hair Removal Device delivers professional salon electrolysis at the unheard-of price. Before this system, only battery-operated toys were available at such a low price. Today anyone can afford true AC-powered, galvanic-current, permanent electrolysis right at home. For the price of one or two salon treatments, get your own system to use in the privacy of your own home on your own schedule.

Remove even coarse hairs one at a time with the galvanic tweezers included. Plus, the grounding wrist strap and beeping alarm mean setup couldnt be more convenient. Other low-cost devices, often advertised through infomercials, relied on insufficient battery power and ineffective radio frequencies. You might as well have just plucked the hairs, since they grew right back.

Driven by AC power, however, the new ACRA Permanent Hair Removal Device dissolves hair follicles permanently by producing sodium hydroxide in the hair shaft, just like professional salon systems.

Needle electrolysis
Electrolysis is a process in which a needle is inserted into a hair shaft and an electrical current passed through the hair follicle. Below the surface of the skin, the hair is immersed in a watery environment with a high mineral content. Electrical current from the needle causes a chemical reaction, turning water and salt in the hair follicle into sodium hydroxide, which dissolves the follicle and the papilla to cause complete and permanent destruction of hair growth. Although highly effective, this procedure has drawbacks: The insertion of a needle into the skin over and over again can be painful. Treatment with a needle requires a high degree of skill to guide it precisely to the bottom of the hair follicle. Penetrating the skin with a needle creates a risk of infection.

ACRA® electrolysis
It is unnecessary to insert a needle to produce sodium hydroxide in the hair follicle. The ACRA system works by grasping the hair, pre-treated with a highly conductive silver-chloride gel, with tweezers and applying a current. Without the conductive gel, the process would not work, since hair does not conduct electricity. But applying silver-chloride gel to the hair allows electrical current to traverse the non-conductive portion of the hair down into the follicle.


1. Attach the power cord and tweezer cord to the ACRA device.

2. Place the grounding strap on your wrist. Make sure it fits snugly.

3. Apply conductivity gel to the area treated using a cotton swab.

4. Select the desired intensity setting. If this is your first time using the ACRA, start with the lowest setting first. Three settings are provided because each person will have a different resistence to current. As you gain some experience with the ACRA device, you will determine the best setting for your body.

5. Grasp the hair with the galvanic tweezers as closely to the skin as possible without actually touching it.

6. Once you grasp the hair, the current is automatically activated. An alarm will sound as soon as the proper time has elapsed. Pluck out the hair and proceed to the next.

Do not use this device if:
You are a minor under 18 years of age.
You are pregnant.
You have heart problems, cancer, diabetes, or epilepsy.
You recently had surgery.
You have a skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis.
You have sunburned, infected, or irritated skin.
Do not use on moles, warts, or varicose veins.
Do not use on cuts, open wounds, or burns.
Do not use on sensitive areas such as eyelids, inside of the nose, genitals, or carotid arteries in the neck.

Extremely important: Do not use this device if you have a pacemaker or any other electronic implants in the body.

Skin Care Hair Care Hair Loss
Hair Removal DS Laboratories on our Forum  

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