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What makes Cellcosmet a continued leading, best seller? The fact that they are the first skincare line to integrate Stabilized Bio-Integral cells into their highly concentrated products. Rich, natural and active cells work to beautify the skin with only the best and freshest of ingredients. Cellcosmet continues to be one of our best-sellers not only on our website, but in our spa location as well with some of the best reviews.

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Cleansers, Toners & Masks Moisturizers Intensive Treatments
Eye & Body Products Cellmen Cellcosmet Favourites
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Opinions and Reviews from our Forum members

Confused btw Cellcosmet Activator Gel & Purifying Gel...
Hi Jeannie,

Not a stupid question at all! The Purifying Gel is the actual cleanser. This is your first step. The Activator Gel is used AFTER the cleanser and its purpose is to stimulate the skin to help it absorb your following treatment(s) - such as serum/moisturizer, etc. - better.

I apply the cleanser to dry skin and then add some water (with wet hands) to emulsify and then rinse off. Pat the face dry and then smooth over the Activator Gel. Then emulsify that with some water and leave it on for 2 min (brush your teeth while waiting - that is what I do). Then you just wash off the Activator Gel (and use a clean cloth to help with this) and pat dry and then proceed with the rest of your routine.

There are a lot of us here who are fans of the cellcosmet cleansing ...... read more about Cellcosmet on our Forum

Cellcosmet Juvenil moisturiser review
There doesnt seem to be any reviews on the Juvenil range, and since I've been using it for 3 months now, I decided to just share with you all my thoughts on it.

Juvenil is suited for problematic skin and for those under 25. I've been using Juvenil since March, which was when I started on Retin-A as well. I'm using the Day cream, as the customer rep said that even though the night cream has more cells than the day one, but if I were to just buy one, it should be the day cream.

My skin= I have very mild acne (It used to be mild-moderate but thanks to Retin-A, my skin has calmed down) and monthly breakouts but I have many red marks left from my breakouts that seem to never fade. Due to the Retin-A, I have some redness, particularly on my cheeks and peelies around my mouth area and cheeks.
My main concern is of course my acne and the pigmentation.

The reason why I chose Cellcosmet is cos all the other moisturisers I've used seem to break me out and be extremely oily on my skin. I wanted a good quality, reputable brand and after much thinking, I chose Cellcosmet. I read most of the reviews here on EDS and emailed Cellcosmet for suggestions, and the benefits of Cellcosmet seemed to outweigh the two things which I worried the most- will it worsen my acne and the price of the product.

I dont see any major improvements to my skin since using the Juvenil, if any, it was due to the Retin-A. It does moisturise my skin well but it does make my skin shiny within 2 hours of usage. But as my skin is so dehydrated now, I think the Juvenil works wonderfully on my flakies. Even though it makes my skin shiny, it does not break me out. The customer rep did say that people experience an initial breakout but as I was on Retin-A, I think I was only purging from that rather than the Cellcosmet.

I only need one full pump to cover my face and neck and I;m still using this bottle I bought back in March. I've still got maybe another weeks application left, so one bottle does last a very long time.

As with all Cellcosmet products, this has a strong fragrance (I think it smells of old ladies :oops: ) but I soon got used to the smell and found it quite comforting :)

After using this bottle, I;m still gonna continue using Juvenil as I dont want to give it up so I've already got another bottle. But if I still dont see any improvements to my skin after using the 2nd bottle, I'll try the next one up which I think is the Sensitive or Concentrated. On top of that, I've decided to give the night cream a try cos even using the day cream, mid-day, I still get flakies, so I think I need a richer moisturiser at night.
The night cream is similar to the day, but is a bit more thicker and looks very oily on my skin but the morning after, my face is hydrated but my nose is rather ...... read more about Cellcosmet on our Forum

Cellcosmet Elasto-Collagen Intensive
I have been using Elasto Intensive for almost 5 months by now. My beginning motivation to try this product is to remove Nasolabial folds (only 28 years old) :( . I once thought the folds should result from the slackening skin, however after using this for such a long time,I didn't see it's removed or reduced (bad...) I think maybe it's not for this purpose.

Although with the disappointment regarding my original motivation, it's indeed a good serum for the slackening skin. Personally speaking, I don't have serious problems in slackening skin, but as approaching 28 years old, I do think it's time for some antiaging treatments.

This product is very watery, but as the other good skincare, you can feel your fingers somewhat sticky (should be because of the nutrition inside?). I didn't use the paper mask to soak it and apply it on face as a mask as salon does, coz I think it's too luxury for me :roll: .

I use it half a tube every time as a serum. As the instruction says: daily use as a starter treatment, continued programm : 1 application 3 times a week, one in the morning and one in the evening. Since this is already my second box, I'm using it occasionally, approximately 3 times a week, but I only use it at night, since I don't have much time to use it in the morning.

So far I think my skin is getting softer and more radiant after using this, and don't think I have slackening skin problem.

Hope this will help you to know more about this ...... read more about Cellcosmet on our Forum

Individual results my vary from person to person.