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Gehwol Fusskraft Med
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Gehwol Med Sensitive

Gehwol Med Sensitive (75 ml / 2.6 oz)  $18.36 USD Convert

Regenerates the natural micorflora of the skin
Counteracts excessive spread of mircobes
Provides supportive protection against infections
Regenerates the natural barrier function of the skin and prevents dehydration
Contains almond oil to soothe and moisturize skin
Suitable for diabetics, clinically and dermatologically tested.

Gehwol Mother-of-Pearl Scrub

Gehwol Mother-of-Pearl Scrub (150 ml / 5.3 oz)  $26.00 USD Convert

Caring scrub with Mother-of-Pearl powder for legs and feet.

Gehwol Foot Balm for Normal Skin

Gehwol Foot Balm for Normal Skin (75 ml)  $12.24 USD Convert

Refreshing, invigorating foot balm with a soothing dodorizing action. Helps to prevent athlete's foot.

Gehwol Balm, Dry Rough Skin

Gehwol Balm, Dry Rough Skin (75 ml / 2.6 oz)  $14.54 USD Convert

Cooling menthol and natural essential oils of rosemary and lavender have a soothing, refreshing effect. Sore, tired feet have a new lease of life. Tried and tested anti-microbial substances give lasting protection against foot odor. Help to prevent infections and keep the feet hygienically fresh.

Gehwol Leg Balm

Customer Favourite! Gehwol Leg Balm (125 ml)  $19.89 USD Convert

Soothing, gentle herbal balm for legs and feet. Gehwol Leg Balm makes skin beautiful, smooth and supple. A gentle massage with this creamy herbal balm tones, stimulates and instantly gives a pleasant feeling of freshness.

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Gehwol Refreshing Balm

Gehwol Refreshing Balm (75 ml)  $12.24 USD Convert

Immediately soothes, cools and deodorizes you're feet for that fresh feeling that lasts.
Prevents athlete's feet and itching between the toes.
Absorbed rapidly and is non-greasy.
Refreshes tired burning, aching feet and legs.

Gehwol Warming Balm

Gehwol Warming Balm (75 ml / 2.6 oz)  $13.01 USD Convert

Gehwol Warming Balm with extracts of algae, paprika, ginger, essential oils of rosemary and lavender, as well as invigorating camphor stimulate the circulation and produce a pleasant feeling of warmth.

Gehwol Gerlachs Foot Cream

Gehwol Gerlachs Foot Cream (75 ml / 2.6 oz)  $12.24 USD Convert

Gerlach's Gehwol Foot Cream prevents aching feet, sores, blisters, soreness and chafing. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, prevents athlete's foot, and brings the activity of the perspiratory glands back to a normal level.

Gehwol Gerlachs Foot Cream EXTRA

Gehwol Gerlachs Foot Cream EXTRA (75 ml / 2.6 oz)  $12.24 USD Convert

Intensively cares for and fortifies worn-out feet.
Prevents overworked feet from getting calluses.
Makes dry, cracked skin supple.
For cold and moist feet, deodorizes, prevents athlete's feet.
To combat sweaty feet, foot odor and aching feet.

Gehwol Softening Balm

Gehwol Softening Balm (125 ml / 4.4 oz)  $19.89 USD Convert

The care balm with deep acting hyaluron and the active substances of milk and honey for silky soft nourished skin.

Gehwol Foot Powder

Gehwol Foot Powder (100 g / 3.5 oz)  $11.86 USD Convert

Gehwol Foot Powder keeps your feet dry, smooth and odorless. The special powder with disinfectant active ingredients prevents infections.

Item received may vary from the image shown.

Gehwol Foot Bath

Gehwol Foot Bath (400 ml / 14.1 oz)  $13.77 USD Convert

GEHWOL Foot Bath refreshes and stimulates the feet with oil of rosemary and lavender. It counteracts sore, aching and sweaty feet while invigorating tired feet, soothing sore feet and eliminating any unpleasant burning sensation.


Gehwol Rosemary Bath Salt

Gehwol Rosemary Bath Salt (25 g x 10 satchets)  $20.50 USD Convert

Revitalizing rosemary bath - Cleanses, refreshes and revitalizes the skin.

Gehwol Caring Footdeo

Gehwol Caring Footdeo (150 ml)  $19.89 USD Convert

Refreshes Deoderizes protects and cares. Fresh feet for the whole day.

Gehwol Gerlasan (Underarm) Deodorant

Gehwol Gerlasan (Underarm) Deodorant (150 ml / 5 oz)  $15.30 USD Convert

Gehwol’s Gerlasan Deodorant has a subdued fragrance and prevents disintegration of armpit perspiration causing bad odours. This deodorant leaves no stains on clothes and is aluminum free.

Gehwol Hand Cream

Gehwol Hand Cream (75 ml / 2.6 oz)  $15.30 USD Convert

For your daily hand care routine.
Penetrates rapidly and moisturizes.
Contains soothing aloe vera and jojoba oil, moisture-binding urea, skin supporting bisabolol, skin caring panthenol. Helps to guard against microbial infections.

Gehwol Fusskraft Med
ZoomDry Gehwol Favourites Gehwol Gifts
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