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glominerals gloLash Enhance Eyelash Serum

glominerals gloLash Enhance Eyelash Serum   
Size: 0.2 oz. / 6 ml.



Enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, a new innovative technology of bioengineered polypeptides and patented complexes promotes fuller, longer, more durable lashes
unbelievable results in 3 to 8 weeks
helps promote longer, stronger, more beautiful lashes
opthamologist-tested, safety tested, suitable even for contact lens wearers
nourishes with essential proteins, vitamins and minerals
eyelashes appear fuller, thicker and stronger
strengthening agents help protect lashes against breakage

Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous factors that affect the appearance of beautifyl, healthy-looking lashes. Repeated mechanical trauma from eyelash curlers, mascara wands and artificial eyelashes, harsh chemicals from eyelash tinting, mascara, and even perms can all wreak havoc on the health and beauty of eyelashes. Below you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions, to better help you make a decision on the best way to enhance the beauty of your own eyelashes. Read on for more information from glominerals!

Q. How is gloLash enhance eyelash serum applied?
A. gloLash enhance eyelash serum is applied to the base of the eyelashes with an eyeliner type brush applicator every night before bedtime. Simply apply a thin layer of the product to the upper lash line. If desired, product can also be applied to the lower lash line and eyebrows. Wait until product has fully absorbed before applying additional cosmetics.
Q. What should I do if some gloLash enhance eyelash serum accidentally gets into my eyes?
A. In the event of direct contact with the eye, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. If irritation occurs and persists, consult with your physician.
Q. What if I forget to apply gloLash enhance eyelash serum at night?
A. Should you skip an application, apply product in the morning. However, a consistent routine is key to faster and better results.

Q. Does using gloLash enhance eyelash serum twice a day get faster results?
A. No. gloLash enhance eyelash serum was developed to deliver results with just a daily application and additional applications are not necessary.
Q. I have experienced some stinging on my lash line when I apply the product. Is this normal?
A. Some individuals may experience a mild stinging sensation upon application. This sensation should diminish within a few minutes and should not reoccur with continued use. If the stinging persists or the sensation is associated with redness and/or irritation, discontinue use and consult with your physician.
Q. How long does it take to see an improvement in the appearance of my eyelashes?
A. Our efficacy tests have shown it takes approximately 3 to 8 weeks before you can noticeably see a difference. Q. What happens if I stop using gloLash enhance eyelash serum?
A. Once results have been achieved, it is recommended you continue to use gloLash enhance eyelash serum to maintain results. It will continue to provide fuller, thicker and longer looking eyelashes.
Q. Is gloLash enhance eyelash serum safe to use on the delicate skin close to the eyes?
A. Yes. gloLash enhance eyelash serum has been ophthalmologist-tested and found to be safe and non-irritating. However, as with any cosmetic product, some individuals may be sensitive to one or more of the ingredients in the formula. If you experience a reaction, discontinue use and consult your physician.


Simply apply a thin layer of the product to the upper lashline every night before bedtime. If desired, can also be applied to the lower lashline and eyebrows. Wait for product to be absorbed before applying additional cosmetics.


• Bioengineered Octa/Copper/Oligo Peptides—a bioactive combination of amino acids, the building blocks of protein essential for healthy eyelash growth. • GF Complexes—patented complex of high performance conditioning factors • Sodium Hyaluronate—hyaluronic acid, a water-binding ingredient. Biotin Vitamin H, part of the group B vitamins, an essential nutrient with fortifying benefits. • Panthenol—provitamin B5, a rejuvenating moisturizer. • Pantethine—a bioactive form of Pantothenic Acid, provides soothing and hydrating benefits with antioxidant action. • Hydrolyzed Mucopolysaccharides—intensive moisturizing agent with conditioning properties. Allantoin—from comfrey plants, known for its soothing and softening benefits. • Cucurbita Pepo Seed Extract—pumpkin seed extract, extremely rich in essential fatty acids, beneficial minerals, such as zinc and iron, plus B vitamins, amino acids and phytosterols. • Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate—licorice extract, a natural brightening ingredient with anti- irritant and anti-redness properties.

Skin Care Bases Cheeks & glo
Eyes Lips glotherapeutics, Glo Skin Beauty Skincare
Tools Kits & Sets Glominerals Favourites
Glominerals Specials Glominerals on our Forum  

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