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Nu-Derm ELASTIderm & ELASTILash Professional-C
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Obagi has, and continues to be, the number one trusted product-line amongst skincare professionals and dermatologists. Beginning in 1988, Obagi strived to produce a product that would target sun damaged skin with immediate and effective results. And so the Nu-derm line was created. Sun-damaged, pigmentation, blemishes and skin discolouration are virtually non-existent in only a short period of time with the Obagi Nu-derm line. But Obagi doesn't just work on the surface: it penetrates deep in to the skin to stimulate cell renewal, all while improving overall circulation and rebuilding collagen. By preventing and improving, Obagi is ranked a leader provider of proprietary topical aesthetic, therapeutic and clinically-proven skincare systems.

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Nu-Derm ELASTIderm & ELASTILash Professional-C
C System Regimens Kits Obagi Favourites
Obagi Specials Obagi Gifts Obagi on our Forum

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Obagi FX Normal/Oily Skin Kit

Obagi FX Normal/Oily Skin Kit


Opinions and Reviews from our Forum members

:: My personal obagi review! ::
Ok i'm sure many of you on the forum have tried obagi products, I bought the blender back in october and Just did it on and off maybe a few times a month, I mean my breakouts where gone, and my skin looked fresh, but just recently I did the whole 6 weeks, and I must say this is unlike any other skin care product i've used, I HAVE NEW SKIN!!!!!!! looks totally different. Ofcourse there was the redness and flakes. and people looking at me like I just walked out of a oven but I would do it any day, I used the blender with retin-A and the sunfader in the day,

I had very deep blackheads on my 4 head and nose,90% gone, I had acne scares, 95% gone! on my cheeks, I had HOLES if you will from that really deep acne, you can hardly tell anymore, i'm sure If i do it will take them away once and for all. this is an amazing product line!!!!! :D I've very happy with what I see, Just wanted to share that with you guys... ...... read more about Obagi on our Forum

Obagi for pigmentation treatment
I have fair Asian skin (10 years ago, described as "porcelain white" by my girlfriends), just turned 40 with two pregnancies behind me in the last 3 years ... and have been battling pigmentation especially around my cheek area for the last few years. It's partly hereditary (my mum developed dark patches in the same area at the same age) and partly due to sun damage. I have tried just about EVERY product on the market including a bout of laser treatment but none of the treatments seemed to fix the problem. I am Day 10 of the Obagi regimen and the first signs of lightening of the pigmentation seems to be occurring. I have begun to peel in the last few days but the texture of my skin is smoother than ever before.

My current regimen is:
Morning: Cleanser, Toner, Clear and Exfodern Forte (have started the Vit c 20% serum after the Toner in the last 3 days)
Night: Cleanser, Toner, Clear and Blender with Tretinoin (0.005%)

So far, the treatment is looking promising ... fingers crossed that I will find a permanent solution this time ... intend to do a weekly update on this ...... read more about Obagi on our Forum

Obagi for pigmentation treatment
I have tried just about every product on the market for getting rid of pigmentation and found this cream with hydroquinone in it to be the only thing that has eliminated all my 'brown spots'. I have tried gycolic acid, peels, laser surgery (won't be doing that again!), basically any type of cream promising to get rid of pigmentation and the ONLY products I would recommend would be Ultraceuticals Even Skintone serum, Ultraceuticals Vitamin C Sheer 20% (this cream is not OILY like all the other serums, it is like a dry cream) and any cream with hydroquinone in it (you usually need a doctor's prescription to buy it but if you visit a skin centre where they carry out procedures such as botox etc you will find they usually sell their own formula with hydroquinone in it) and you will need to stay out of the sun. If you need to go outdoors ALWAYS use a sunscreen with ZINC OXIDE in it (Dr Lewinn's sunscreen contains the highest percentage of zinc oxide, then the next best would be Megan Gales sunscreen, followed by Ultraceuticals). Any other sunscreen would be useless as far as I'm concerned. I have been using Ultraceuticals for a couple of years now and my skin couldn't be more perfect, totally free of pigmentation and pimples, my pores have even decreased, my skin is now flawless (not kidding). From someone suffering cystic acne all her life until a couple of years ago and now having flawless skin I feel the need to pass on as much information as I can about the products I am using. Oh, in case you are wondering my profile is 30years old, fair complexion, skin USE to be oily (I had to use blotting paper every hour to get rid of the oil - so embarassing), acne, enlarged pores (actually huge pores),bad pigmenation etc. NOW my skin is peaches and cream, pores so small you can hardly see, no pimples whatsoever, no pigmentation and skin so even I don't even need to wear makeup. I'm not being vain, just wanting to make everyone aware of how GREAT these products are. AND it doesn't hurt to also drink at least 2 litres of water a day and NOT eat red meat as I believe what you put inside your body is just as important as what you put on the ...... read more about Obagi on our Forum

Individual results my vary from person to person.