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Tanda Skincare System

Tanda Skincare System   



SKINCARE IN A NEW LIGHT. Tanda revolutionizes skincare with the proven science of light therapy.

The Tanda Skincare System uses proven science to improve your skin's appearance. Blue and red light therapy is used worldwide by leading dermatologists and skincare professionals. Now this technology is available to you right in your own home.

Kit Contains:

  • Tanda Clear Blue Light Therapy Module (414nm LED)
  • Tanda Regenerate Red Light Therapy Module - (660nm LED)
  • Tanda rechargeable hand piece
  • Tanda recharging cradle
  • 9V medical grade universal power adaptor
  • Protective eye goggles
  • User manual
  • Cloth Carrying Case

Tanda ClearTanda Regenerate
Blue Light Therapy to
Promote Blemish Free Skin

Tšnda Clear is a 414nM blue LED light treatment that is scientifically proven to kill the Propionibacterium acnes (P.acnes) bacteria that causes mild to moderate acne.
Red Light Therapy to
Revitalize Your Appearance

Tšnda Regenerate is a treatment that accelerates the skin's natural healing process while stimulating the production of collagen to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.


One Compete System, Two Simple Steps, Three Minute Treatments.

Used as recommended the benefits of the Tanda Skincare System can be shared by the whole family. Easy to use and versatile this skincare device is ideal for everyone.

1. TURN IT ON...
Slide the Tanda light module on to the handheld device and turn it on.

2. APPLY...
Gently place the device in contact with clean dry skin, directly over the area to be treated. The Tanda treatment heads have a unique triangular-shaped design to easily and effectively apply treatments to your entire face.

Sensors in Tanda automatically switch on the Tanda, delivering a precisely timed application of light. (It will automatically shut off after the 3-minute dose has been delivered.) Repeat on other areas of your face, until you have covered all blemished areas. You've now successfully treated your acne. It's that easy.

The application is the same for both the Tanda Clear and Tanda Regenerate Treatments.

Follow the same process for each area of the skin you wish to treat.

Taking an active approach to skin care and health is very important. Your daily skin care routine with the addition of Tšnda, are key steps in your fight to eliminate pimples and counter the signs of aging.

Used as recommended, the Tanda Skincare System may allow people to see results in as quickly as 24 hours, individual results may vary. There is no harm in using Tšnda Clear or Tšnda Regenerate more than twice daily. Increased treatments will improve the eradication of the P. acnes bacteria, shortening a pimple's lifespan and preventing future blemishes before they start.

Clinical Stuides:
Tšnda Clear and Tšnda Regenerate
Tšnda Skincare System uses proven science to improve your skin's appearance. Blue and red light therapy is used worldwide - by leading dermatologists and skincare professionals. We've included summaries and links to these studies for your convenience.

British Journal of Dermatology
After 12 weeks of active treatment a mean improvement of 76% in inflammatory lesions was achieved by the combined blue and red light phototherapy.... We have found that phototherapy with mixed blue and red light, probably by combining antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, is an effective means of treating acne vulgaris of mild to moderate severity, with no significant short-term adverse effects.

American Journal of Clinical Dermatology
Acne vulgaris is a common dermatosis affecting 80% of the population. To date, different treatments have been used to manage this condition. Antibacterials and retinoids are currently the mainstay of treatment for acne, but their success rate varies. Phototherapy is emerging as an alternative option to treat acne vulgaris.

Studies examining the role of different wavelengths and methods of light treatment have shown that phototherapy with visible light, specifically blue light, has a marked effect on inflammatory acne lesions and seems sufficient for the treatment of acne. In addition, the combination of blue-red light radiation seems to be superior to blue light alone, with minimal adverse effects

Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy
Combination blue (415nm) and red (633nm) LED phototherapy in the treatment of mild to severe acne. Acne vulgaris represents both a challenge to the treating dermatologist and a major concern for the patient. Conventional treatments have proved inconsistent with often-unacceptable side effects and high rates of recurrence. Non-thermal, non-laser, phototherapy for acne with a combination of blue and red light has recently attracted attention. Combination blue and red LED therapy appears to have excellent potential in the treatment of mild to severe acne. Treatment appears to be both pain- and side effect-free.

NASA Studies: Light Therapy and Tissue Repair
Proven in the laboratories of NASA, as well as on the Space Shuttle, light therapy is used in hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities worldwide with remarkable results. Tšnda Skin Care System light therapy uses the proven technology of LED blue and red light.

All of the above information and more! is available at the official Tanda website. For a further understanding of the Tanda device, how it works and further clinical studies, please click here

Tanda Tanda Specials Tanda on our Forum

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