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Cellex-C Speed Peel Facial Gel

Cellex-C Speed Peel Facial Gel   
Size: 90 ml / 3 oz
Price: $63.00 CAD 


Speed Peel Facial Gel is a pale leaf green, minty- fragranced formulation, containing natural exfoliating agents and enzymes in an oil-free, hydrating gel. Tropical and desert plant extracts renowned for their superb moisture binding and exfoliating qualities enhance this truly unique product. Instantly and gently peels dull, dry, superficial skin cells and polishes the skin on your face to produce a smooth, radiant texture and glow.

Speed Peel Facial Gel, when massaged into the skin, provides instant peeling of dull, dry skin. Simultaneously, the humectant and conditioning constituents encourage the freshly revealed skin to reflect a healthy, rosy glow.
Contains Ficin. This enzyme is extracted from figs and is up to 20 times more powerful than papain (an enzyme found in papaya) in its ability to digest the protein composition of the superficial surface skin cells.

Contains bamboo extract. Derived from a special bamboo growing in the hill forests of India, this plant contains large deposits of silica in the cell walls of the stem. The natural exfoliant properties facilitate the removal of superficial skin cells, leaving the skin less scaly, smoother and softer.

Contains chlorophyll. Used as a natural coloring agent, it is credited with skin-soothing and healing properties which are attributed to its phytol content. Chlorophyll is the green coloring matter found in all living plants and leaves.
Contains lecithin. This natural emollient and antioxidant is a hydrophilic ingredient that attracts water and acts as a moisturizer. Generally obtained from eggs and soy beans, it is found in all living organisms.

Contains peppermint oil. Rich in powerful antiseptic agents and menthol, it contributes a pleasant cooling effect when applied to the skin.

Contains bitter orange peel granules. This micro fine powder exfoliator, obtained from the fruit of the bitter orange tree, gently assists in loosening stubborn excess skin cells from the face. Rich in bioflavonoids, it contributes excellent anti-oxidant properties and the neroli oil contained in the peel has long been credited with skin soothing properties.
Unique proprietary formulation reveals freshly exfoliated skin, buffed to a beautiful healthy, rosy gleam, normally associated with youthful looking skin.

Humectants and skin conditioners produce moist, supple skin.

- Helps reduce the appearance of blackheads and minimizes large pores and rough textured skin.
- Immediate visible results plus smooth moist texture.
- Regular use creates the appearance of younger looking skin by removing the rough, opaque, superficial skin cells characteristic of devitalized, older skin.

   Skin Types

Suitable for all skin types.


Apply to your face 20 minutes after cleansing. The most effective peel is achieved when applied to completely dry skin. Smooth a generous film over forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. It is important that the gel does not dry completely before removal. If by chance the gel does dry, then add another application over the dried gel before proceeding to step 2.

Wait approximately one-two minutes, the surface of the gel should still feel moist (not wet) to the touch. When exfoliating your face, lean over your bathroom sink and use your fingertips to gently massage back and forth. Fine rolls of skin combined with the silica sloughing agent, will gradually form. Brush these off with your fingers.
Rinse your face with warm water and wash cloth.

Apply moisturizer of choice. If you have sensitive skin, do not apply any L-ascorbic acid or alpha hydroxy acid products for 12 hours, otherwise irritation and redness may occur.

Any flakes of skin that lift but remain stubbornly attached, can be smoothed down until next peeling session by applying a moisturizer of choice. (2) The ficin enzyme begins its process immediately upon application and rapidly becomes deactivated. (3) The enzyme can only dissolve thick, superficial skin cells and will not affect the normal surface layer of the skin.


active ingredients:
Melon, Ficin, Orange Peel, Silica, Hyaluronic Acid, Peppermint, Chlorophyll.

Core & Advanced-C Formulations Enhancers & Correctives Betaplex & Acne
Ageless 15 Kits & Sets Cellex-C Favourites
Cellex-C Specials Cellex-C on our Forum  

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::Review:: Cellex-C Speed Peel
Well, this is my first entry! Woo-hoo! I absolutely LOVE this product... Every time I use it, my skin feels so smooth and looks so healthy... and the funny thing is, it's not just me that notices... I have a friend that I see all the time, and every time I use Cellex-C Speed Peel, he says, "Wow! Your skin looks great today!" It never fails, absolutely every time! It's really pretty funny, actually... :D So, am I the only one, or has anyone else had this result with this product? Or, a

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