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Archived Topics
EDS Skin Care Forums Forum Index » Archived Topics » May 2012

May 2012
Sports Bras
Body Wash for dry skin??
Bioscience Retino Syn-45
Where can I buy the original Flex Effect tool?
Does the Flex Effect give better results than Tanaka?
Using Aloe Vera to blend Essential Oils...?
Is Facial Acupuncture similar to Dermarolling?
Has anybody tried Lucy Minerals (foundation)
Whats the best neck cream you have used
Aloe vera made skin super tight for 2 weeks, did I ruin skin
Skin Actives Vitamin C Serum 20% Ascorbic Acid (L), pH 2
Which order should I use these products in? HELP!!!
Struggling with skin pigmentation
Retin A
Skin Lighteners: Safety & Efficacy
Are there any free FlexEffect exercises I can do on my own?
Anyone tried this product? Silicone Facial Massage Cupping
Has anyone tried Kobido Facial Massage?
Do you think this is a good Facial Massage technique...?
DIY Dermaroller Research Section - Outdated Link
Hyaluronic Acid Supplements
Skinceuticals Redness Neutralizer -- anyone tried it?
Cure Natural Aqua Gel from Japan - Free sample site
Selphyl facelift (vampire facelif, has anyone had this done?
LED red light therapy bed
What can be the best birthday gift for my boss?
How can I prevent my lotion from balling up?
Masks - Single Use or Reusable
NCN ProSkincre (Nanci) Cleansers - do you like them?
How to tolerate Barleans Essential Woman...YUCK! What do you
Saggy-ish skin on the right cheek...?
Wine, anyone? :-)
Why do seasonal changes affect my skin?
TheLEDMan's machines ....look good !!
will someone recommend a spf 30 for a 25 year old?
Can anyone help me find a new moisturizer?
Interestng article on heat and skin ageing
Constantly dry lips
Why do the corners of your lips get bulky...?
which obagi cleanser doesn't contain sulphates?
Let's Make a List / Name Your Worst Ingredient
How to get rid of sebum plug? Need Diagnosis!
Effective Gadgets - electronic or otherwise
Help with Obagi Nu-derm products - which to buy?
Lasik-Dark Circles Exposed
Any ideas for natural homemade facial and body cleanser/wash
Is it possible to COMPLETELY get rid of stretch marks??
Anyone here rolling with 1mm dermaroller?
Omnilux Questions
Paula's Choice BHA As Acne Spot Treatment
Favorite AHA product to help fade hyperpigmentation?
Has anyone here tried the NCN Formula 555?
DIY Peptide Question
DIY Packaging Question
Products for hyperpigmentation/freckles for a 27 year old?
Body Moisturizer for Dry skin and KP Please!!
in vitro study–zinc oxide damages lung cells
I need a 100% natural surfactant for making a skin cleanser?
Broadband Laser Study
Rolling - Needle Lengths
Is it possible to determine the % of actives in products?
Dermapen vs Dermastamp?
Need product advice for thin, fine, color-treated hair
Bikram/ hot yoga gives you wrinkles?
Slimming Face
What is the most hydrating oil?
Natural stem cell enhancements cost.
nfl jersey
Summertime Care
Summertime Care
Obagi Nu Derm - How to measure?
Daily moisturizing, high protection sunscreen?
I want to make a homemade lotion adding papaya...?
Hello I need a list of non-greasy and shiny carrier oils?
Listen to Your Skin
Anyone heard of/used EUOKO skin care?
Osmosis Harmonized Waters
Pellet Therapy for Menopause/Perimenopause
Ageless If You Dare maintenance question!
combination/dry dehydrated flakey skin any suggestions?
Ultrasound Ib3, Facemate, Bellaire, Brite Leaf etc
What should i add to my regimen?
I hate having my picture taken...
Has anyone tried the hotspot program by Ageless?
Seeking directions to Dr. Renaud HydraScience AHD3 facial
Cleanser for very oily skin
Post Inflammatory Hyper pigmentation on legs from burn.
sunscreens in the news again
DIY vitamin c for body
ACE Serum, any suggestions or DIY'er's?
New to 8% tca peel
Cure Natural Aqua Gel - Review and Special Test
Could I get an opinion on this creme? SCA 5 Essentials
SkinActives has a new Vitamin C product
Hello everyone! Long time no post...
Ziinc Oxide dangerous for the skin? DM Article
mousturizing eye cream for a 18 year old?
Magic immortality potion? C60 (Buckminsterfullerene)
Help: Device 2 use 4 flab next to mouth corner
What do you think of wearing coloured contact lenses?
freckle problem??
Can Sleeping positions affect aging?
Is it ok to layer products with Vitamin C?
Q about how to combine facial exercises
Karin Hertzog Vita Kombi 2 during Obagi maintenance?
Wrinkles around mouth corners from using Dental Floss...?
PPD free hair color
Osmosis Loose Base MMU Powder
Clarisonic vs 100% Organic cotton wash cloths...?
Best organic or natural moisturizer for dry skin
Pump bottles
Myoscience - Freezing Wrinkles
Peeling Skin?
Any suggestions for getting rid of migraine!!
Cellese AnteAGE Serum & Accelerator: Loyalty program AO
TA65 Supplements for Anti Aging
Trip to New York
Need the basics on applying foundation over primer
Protect your skin from the sun
Protect your skin from the sun
study Periorbital Changes Assoc With Topical Bimatoprost
Need high ranking for SEO
nails grow faster with multi vitamins...........
ReLuma: general and science discussion
Message for Firefox re Seb Derm
Philosophy Products - What Would You Recommend?
LED Safety + Infrared Radiation
Sunscreen only blocks 55% of UV induced free radicals
infrared sauna causes pre-mature aging
Can I use Rosehip Oil after using a Dermaroller?
Eco Friendly Baby Products
Eco Friendly Baby Products
Unscented washing liquid
Rats: Test Results That Don’t Apply to Humans
New UK Supplier
Donna Summers passed away this morning :(
Nue Science
TEI Spa Sonic Spatula
How to use Papain Powder?
Surgeon Gave Teen Daughter Breast Implants??
Need skin care advice for 21 year old with fine lines! :(
Is Anyone Using Revision Skincare Teamine Concealer?
Can I use Dr. Brandt Eye cream on Face??
hot & cold mask
If you use at home Ultrasound, which device, and results pls
Dry frizzy hair rescue
cytokines primer / science of cytokines
what are the first signs of aging that you've noticed?
Things to know about sunscreens
Possibility of a sub-forum for food, diets...
Total Newbie...Please help with HA moisturiser formula!
Possibility of a sub-forum on supplements, food, diet...
Make up problems!
What is your view about Botox?
Microfiber or Muslin cloth for men?
Microfiber or Muslin cloth for men?
Retinol - DIY
Question About Samples
Have any of you tried the Facelift Bungee?
Astalift - has anyone tried this?
COOLA Face SPF 30: Cucumber Matte Finish
Maybelline Baby Lips
Perfect pressed/loose powder: any suggestions ?
Tarte Maracuja Self Tanner
mavala VL & other mascaras
olive oil, honey and propolis balm
Lip Stains We Love
Can your eyes be made more even through facial exercises?
Serious help for a Serious Age Spot
Is Glycolic Acid Helpful for Acne?
Poor skin elasticity - How to improve?! Need suggestions <
When you have days like these!!!
Lise Watier Bio Lift Eye Patch
ZnO sunscreen for very dry & dehydrated skin?
Help finding a sunscreen for ridiculously sensitive skin?
Is coconut oil REALLY the best facial moisturiser?
Layering products with 5% Niacinimide
Peptides in Jar Packaging
Retin A and DIY Vitamin C Serum
Has anyone tried Nia24 Skin Strengthening Complex?
Water Soluble Silicones for Hair
TCA Peel Bruises &/or post care
Konjac Sponges
What's Your Favorite Brand of Mineral Make-up?
Just a Vanity Question on PMS
Products with Stone Crop
What benefits have you had from topical Glucosamine?
Do I need a toner before applying either Retin A or Vit C??
Using Retin A and Super Cop 2X together
How do we know what we know (or believe) about skin care?
DDF Offer at Ulta today
Environ Ionzyme versus AVST
:: Review :: Decléor Ylang Ylang Purifying Night Balm
Question for those who are post-menopausal!
Vitamin D Supplementation and "in built SPF"
Angry About SS Labeling?
How to fall back asleep
How to fall back asleep
Mini Radiofrequency Device - Anyone try it?
Mini Radiofrequency Device - Anyone try it?
Question about old topic "Face exercise destroyed my fa
Question about old topic "Face exercise destroyed my fa
Review: The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling
PH meter for DIY
Has anyone here used Sepiwhite?
Second-hand mane maxx or tembond supplies wanted
Informative Skin/Wrinkle Article from the NY Times
Posts number not changing with every post!
Are instant face lifts a scam?
Are instant face lift creams a scam?
Are all instant face lift creams a scam?
Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation
Russell Organics
At home equivalent to CACI
Question about nails health
Read what Paula Begoun has to say about Dermarollers!
Pureology Real Curl define cream
Found this interesting skin care article!
Long time lurker and first time poster. Help?
Which Type Of Retin-A for forehead wrinkles?
Optimal Fibroblast Function
Saturated Fat = Fuller Face?
Copper Peptides messed up my skin?????
Is BuyNaturalSkinCare A Genuine Site for Eminence Products?
Calcium supplements found to increase heart attacks/strokes!
Best foundation for wedding
Which oil is most easily absorbed?
Where can I find cheap Moroccan home decor?
Osea or Juara?
On the spot concealer for lip
How Long Would a 100 ml Bottle of Facial Lotion Last?
Should I exfoliate?
Skin Care Industry a Must Read.
Kiddicare baby products
Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline (DPHP) and/or Algae Extract?
Alyria skin care
Questions for Those Who Use Toners
I need a strong mineral sunscreen
Colorescience "sunforgettable" sunscreen question?
Body care products
Starting my facial exercise programme tomorrow... Meh.
Sulfate Free/Silicone Free (or Water Soluble Silicones) Hair
Ultrasound Cavitation diet question
How to Get Rid of White Spots
Cerave equivalent in the UK?
Is Avalon organics Vitamin C serum decent?
:: Eminence Coconut Age Corrective Hydrating Moisturizer ::
Long time lurker/first time poster
Lip Lines :-(
Crepey eyes.... big problem
If you were 26 again
Why does a different cleanser get rid of fine lines?
Organic on Food Labels
If Vitamin C -DEGRADES- Hyaluronic Y Do Co's Sell Together?
Strongest over the counter/drugstore retinol?
Saggy wrinkled skin on arms and legs
phrenaton for Prophyria Treatment
Help Needed Please..urgently!
Lanolin brands
Imperative to apply antioxdants etc. more than once a day?
Is Sclerotium Gum safe?
Seeking feedback on Pratima Sunscreen
Vitamin E oil
My first IPL hasn't worked ???
Vitamin E for Longer and Healthier Eyelashes
Alcohol in products
toms botas men
toms botas men
toms botas men
Very Informative Website
21 year old using retinol for forehead wrinkles? Safe?
What is your view on manual/physical exfoliation?
REVIEW: ReLuma Skin Illuminating Anti Age Serum
Does anyone here use topical enzymes?
What can and can't i use with CP serum?
Environ RAD SPF 15
Help for hypo pigmentation and scars on chest from an IPL
Poikiloderma of Civatte
Best way to disguise MSM powder taste? Also, how much should
Which form of Retin A is best for Wrinkles and sagging?
Please help, my face looks ugh !! :(
Upgrading retinoid from Retin-A to Tazarotene Zorac Tazorac
Upgrading retinoid from Retin-A to Tazarotene Zorac Tazorac
Serious bug bites- any home remedies?
DS Laboratories Trioxil.PM Anti-Acne Gel (30 ml) Clarks Botanicals Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream (50 ml) Sothys Duo Repair Balm + Rebalancing Ampoules (2 items)