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Archived Topics
EDS Skin Care Forums Forum Index » Archived Topics » April 2011

April 2011
Bad experience with Saje AromaWell Diffuser !!!
Help! Kate Spade Fragrance Discontinued
Oxygen Machines?
Dermal Filler(s) at Temple etc
searching for a very good eye cream for 30 plus yrs.old
Using Retin-A for freckle removal
Obagi Question
Saggy Jowels and Dermalive - Removal ?
Skincare lines tips ? :D
SkinBiology GHK vs Osmotics Molecular repair treatment
Jessners peel tca cobo help
Best face lift product without surgery?
A new supplier for DIY! Skin Essential Actives
SkinActives UK site
OleHenriksen brand, had any luck with adult acne?
Spa Party Ideas?
Swedish Skin
Menopause and Beauty
Question Re: measurements for PH of Vitamin C serum...
Help,tua tr'end no longer working!!
Best eyeliner for the inner rims? Prefer a pencil
EradiKate acne vs EradiKate intense
What are your HOLY GRAIL products?
Recommend a beauty product purchase which was not...
Far Infrared Mineral TDP Lamp
Updates from Dr. Rose Jeans
Puffy Eye Bags - Tua Viso and other Devices
DMAE and Botox. Adverse Reactions?
Simply amazing, "skin gun" heals burn patients
Obagi Clear/Bender
Buy or DIY?
What are these bumps on my skin?
::Review::Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Gel & Truth S
*~~~~~~ Winner for March 29th, 2011 ~~~~~~*
*~~~~~~ Winner for April 5th, 2011 ~~~~~~*
*~~~~~~ Winner for April 1st, 2011 ~~~~~~*
What can I make with these items
Freckles and Chemical Peels?
Derma Rolling and Derma Fillers??
Facial during Obagi treatment?
What to get?
Olay or Loreal moisturizer for face?
AHA and sensitive skin
Uneven pumpy skin (pics included!)
Help. Any DIY'ers on line
lightweight foundation for summer?
Online Sources for Tazorac, Retin A, not AlldayChemist?
Sagging body skin: any organic choice to solve it?
Problems watching videos, they stop half way...
Your Best Salon Dye
24k Gold Mask
Ageless Secret, Copper Peptides and Vitamin C serum
Lift Lab skincare line, has anyone tried this??
Purple under eye skin - any success stories? Desperate!
Newbie to Obagi C-RX system!
Is it necessary to reapply a physical sunscreen?
Right to Bare Legs?
Would you check my recipe please
Neostrata Glycolic Products
May help UK folk
Is Anyone Using Algenist Products?
Will insurance plans cover Lattisse or Lumigan?
I look like I'm 13 again...need help with my face!
Skincare advice you wish you followed/knew about in your 20s
Perfective Ceuticals Anti-imperfection Eye Therapy Cream
Which should I get - HF Machine or Microdermabrasion Machine
Which should I get - HF Machine or Microdermabrasion Machine
Which should I get - HF Machine or Microdermabrasion Machine
Which should I get - HF Machine or Microdermabrasion Machine
Which should I get - HF Machine or Microdermabrasion Machine
what is wrong with my skin
Do you use Restasis eyedrops?
does shipping harm products?
Quickest way to remove skin tags at home?
If you use Vitamic C+E Ferulic serum
Is it possible to be allergic to glycolic acid/AHAs?
5K Face Makeover U.S. contest
Elixia Skincare TPM Delivery
Which should I get - HF Machine or Microdermabrasion Machine
Which should I get - HF Machine or Microdermabrasion Machine
how did you quit smoking?
Do you make your Sun Screen
osmotics blue copper 5 cream
*~~~~~~ Winner for April 8th, 2011 ~~~~~~*
How has your skin changed since using sunscreen
retin a
Tightening serum vs lifting serum vs firming serum
Wrinkles, topicals don't work?
Hidden treasure @ Costco, bacon of all things
SPF chapstick?
Please quick Question Regarding Scale
How can you test products for steroids?
Oil free anti-aging regimen
Summer is coming, time to load up on sunscreen
Pustular rosacea treatments?
use of Kedem dead sea mineral products
ingrown hairs/bumps/chicken routine+advice?
anti aging product for 24 year old
BareMinerals Matte vs. Original
Obagi!!! FRIEND or FOE??
Formulating own face cream
Cosmedix Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser
what do you think of the clarisonic?
M2 20%
Popping sound when using face cream?
Article that Shopping can extend your life?
Retinol and underwear
DIY serum for acne and other benefits.
*~~~~~~ Winner for April 12th, 2011 ~~~~~~*
scars look worse when I look in computer screen
Stronger Renova every other day or weaker Renova daily?
Laser worth it for facial redness?
Have you done your taxes?
Help me look my real age :(
Career in science or medical field
need help with IV injection
First time dermarolling.. bloodspots?
Skin tone help
makeupartistschoice Green Tea/Pomegranate Cleanser
new to dermaroller
Cerave cream + MAP
White Spot on Head
What cream to use with dermarolling?
Avene vs La Roche Posay Suncreens
just had vbeam and Restylane-L
Inconclusive mammagram report
INGROWN HAIRS- Need Major Help!!!
Do I need to buy high PPD sunscreen from overseas?
La Roche Posay Redermic+
Sudden Onset Adult Acne
Help for Frizzy wavy-curly long hair?
Retin A- ingestion?
'Nourish Skin Tight' Body firming lotion- anyone tried it?
BB Cream Samples
Oil Cleansing Method- What oils to start with?
More FREE Giveaways - 3Lab and Glytone
Blotting and sunscreen
Can scar gel reduce wrinkles I wonder...
Into MSM and Liquid Chloraphyll
Quickest way to remove skin tags at home?
Topical Niacinamide
Obagi Substitute
*~~~~~~ Winner for April 15th, 2011 ~~~~~~*
A bra for wide-spaced breasts?
facial blotters are essential?
Threw a bit of DMSO from the healthfood store into some DIY
Big Big Rave for Joico Styling Oil!
Best Bronzer Blush?
Any sunscreen finishing powder without Bismuth??
Differences between all the ingredients derived from Vit. A?
Noob in need of skincare help
Let's talk haircare for women over 40
Origins Plantscription
Yamuna "Save Your Face" Massage (Yamuna Ball)
Silk’n FaceFX Home Fractional Device
Hollywood brand safflower oil no longer "high linoleic&
Does anyone eat seaweed snacks?
My wedding is in 2 months..Desperate for help
Suggestions for taming widow's peak cowlick?
RE: Vitamin C powder for C Serum?
Anyone tried SEVEN ALGAE Sea Essentials Mask??
Married couples and unmarried couples argue differently
Celebrities and their skin
Scale recommendations?
How to get rid of skin tags?
Cheekbone hair?
Happy, Sexy, Healthy by Nancy Deville
Older newbie looking for help with over 60 skin
What is the best treatment for whiteheads?
Ergoline Beauty Angel - Red Light Therapy and Vibration
RAVE-Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen SPF 40 - New Formula
How do you get rid of an oily face?
Clarins - Sun Wrinkle Control Eye Contour Care SPF 30
Find the Best Hair Care Products at Beauty Basic Supply
Find the Best Hair Care Products at Beauty Basic Supply
body skin collagen stimulation
Body Collagen: Radiofrequency? Pose or Globus Rf Clinic Skin
Covermark botuline concealer plus...5*'s
Mixing powders into liquids
Review: Natural Instinct Micro-mineral Sunscreen
What do you wear behind closed doors?
Any products to increase elastin in skin?
clinique stay true foundation
Best cure for smelly feet and fungus (athletes foot)
i need a liquid foundation
Has anyone made a successfull purchase
Has anyone made a successfull purchase this SITE????
What is your favorite concealer?
Has anyone ordered from here??
Bidding on ebay question
Anyone using STOP and Lightstim together??
Should I switch from squalane to emu oil?
Bump on face.
time for orders to arrive
Looking for a gradual self tanning moisturizer
Clinique Pore Serum-Anyone Try?
What is the best red hair colour that does not fade ?
Turning 25, Need Help with Skincare Routine
Turning 25, Need Help with Skincare Routine
This is kind of funny because here I am a guy on a dayspa fo
This is kind of funny because here I am a guy on a dayspa fo
This is kind of funny because here I am a guy on a dayspa fo
This is kind of funny because here I am a guy on a dayspa fo
DIY Facial Wipes
*~~~~~~ Winner for April 19th, 2011 ~~~~~~*
*~~~~~~ Winner for April 26th, 2011 ~~~~~~*
*~~~~~~ Winner for April 22nd, 2011 ~~~~~~*
Anti Aging Skin Care
Anything to help with reducing oil PRODUCTION?
Glymed Plus
Glymed Plus
Glymed Plus
All Obagi Experts - Advice on Regime
Consumers demand quality clothes - Help us find quality!
dermarolling for pitted scars
wonder bar cleanser
E-one ipl news and user reviews???
Syneron IPL/elos At-Home Device Called me
Does anyone buy Azelaic Acid from ADC?
What helps get rid of redness after a laser peel?
Alternatives to Avene sunscreen?
Ayucare neem All Purpose oil -150ml
costume jewelry
STOP Tripollar and Baby Quasar
I'm sick and tired of acne! Thinking of regimen or?
Article: Mistakes You're Making with your Skin......
balayage hair coloring
microcurrent device: Tuo Trend, Vaculifter, STOP?
Madonna's home oxygen machine, do you think this works?
why does it take 6 weeks to see results
your opinion on exfoliation machines on the market
Simple kitchen recipes!
Global Keratin Juvexin
How long after application do these products sink in/work?
Why does derm say to only use antioxidants at night? ro
Using other products with Dr Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel
Organic Mineral Make Up – To Replenish the Skin
Pure mineral make up product
Pure mineral make up product
Pure mineral make up product
eye bags
eye bags
Shakeology -anyone tried it?
Do not buy WOLF
Cleanse/Detox - Is it worth it?
Lightenex skin lightening cream
M2 20% refinisher
Laser Hair removal 6 sessions complete hair still came back
Using Retin A, Important Event Coming Up HELP!!!
Pangea Organics..SALE!!
Anyone use Max Green Alchemy products?
Manicare Glam Nails stick on polish
Antiox body scrub
Need help finding the right skin repair product
kokum body butter and facial
non-surgical facelift facial SAIAN
Beauty gadgets sale - one day left
my liquid foundation is being discontinued - suggestions
Article on Accelerated Aging
The Genotype Diet
Ashy skin
Janson Beckett Okusil Intensive Eye Rejuvenating Serum (28 g / 1 oz) Peter Thomas Roth Viz-1000 Intensive Hydrating Serum (30 ml / 1 floz) Skin Biology Protect & Restore High Retinol and Oil of Lavender - Large (113.4 g / 4 oz)