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Archived Topics
EDS Skin Care Forums Forum Index » Archived Topics » June 2012

June 2012
Has anyone ever ordered anything from MedStore International
Does anyone here have dental anxiety?
What is the best PH for face wash?
If Using Bellaire/Palacia 2mhz Ultrasound? What results ??
Beauty from Within - Does it Work. If so What & Why?
Hey Chia seed users!
What is the best birthday gift for my mom?
Question about Aloe in Kassy's 15% Vitamin CEF serum???
I found a baby bird!
EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 is AWESOME!!!
What's your fav self tanner this summer?
Layering Vitamin C, AHA, hydroquinone, chemical S/S?
Need to see a PIC of what sun damage can do?
too much Sun & aging!
foot care
Can facial exercises give me more even eyes permanently?
Glytone Facial Cream Step 2 , Step 3
DeVita Sunscreen
Tua' tre'ndface machine
Suggestions for good bases for semi-DIY
Hello ladies, I needs help with Physical SS
Peptides According to FutureDerm:
How to remove or prevent facial veins
PMD day 1
Baby sunscreen
Toms wedges
Toms wedges
Can anyone recommend a Lactic Acid based AHA product?
Tips to combat drying air-conditioning?
Avalon Organics CoQ10 line
An Observation from Midlife
Translucent Skin and Retinol
Chemical Peel Doctor--SoCal?
Lip plumper - Citylips or Maxolip - DIY?
Fine Lines/Thicker eyelashes
NATOX: has anyone tried this?
NEED DERMA WAND 1800 # for anyone?
ADC website still not accepting payment!!!!!
Collagen8 New Formula–thoughts?
Futurederm also has a view on dermarolling!
Retinol vs. Retinoid
Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair
Injuv or regular HA to plump lips/skin?
Please help me with my skin care routine
Cellular senescence in dermal fibroblasts
Dietary xylitol may slow aging and increase collagen?
Is carnosine sensitive to light/air?
Which Skin Active's serum is be best for buiding collagen...
Elf Cream Eyeshadow
2012 EWG Report on Sunscreens:
Gather Gadget Girls! How do I use these tools???
medical doctor forum on lasers,fillers
Sunscreen Advice from Marie Veronique Organics
Mineral Oil: non-comedogenic or pore clogging hell?
Greasy Skin?
What's the diff: Obagi sunscreen, sun block, sun shield?
What products/serums are u using with Ultrasound?
Peeling due to too many products - advice?
Is there a consensus on which retinoid is least irritating?
Best products to fade melasma/hyperpigmentation/sunspots?
:: Review :: Loving Ageless Secret!
Has anyone watched LanaIndiana on YouTube?
how to use Hydroquinone and Retin A together
cherry angiomas and evening primrose oil. PLEASE HELP
starting a regimin
Obagi Nu-derm Gentle Cleanser question!
Need help with Perfect Tea Maker?
Your best tips for Careprost and similar?
Help! Under eye wrinkles worse after "treatments"
Nails Hardening with Age?
DIYers, which SCALE do you use?
Where Do You Find Reliable Beauty Information?
Clinique products that bad?
Redheads, Auburns, Fairskins a great makeup site for you!!!
Raspberry Ketones
"Hey . . . !!!
Carole Maggios's Nose Shortener Exercise
avene sunscreen
Recommend an online pharmacy for Retin-A?
Retin-A: Online pharmacy that ships internationally?
Review: Lifeline Skin Care
Natural vs Synthetic Ceramides
Help with a recipe
Problems with Carol Maggio's Nose Shortener Exercise
DIY ascorbyl palmitate, vitamin A and C gel
Carole Maggio's Facercise: Old Program vs. New Program
What is a great SPF moisturizer?
Anyone else get spots after Botox?
Can anyone recommend an Algae Extract for DIY?
Benefits of applying MSM and Wheat Protein topically?
What is the best form of Vitamin E for DIY?
Do all forms of Vitamin C stay in your skin for 72 hours?
What is your opinion about rubbing/massaging skin?
What is your favorite/preferred preservative?
Facial Disuse Atrophy
Is it true that gravity still stretches your skin...?
Macadamia Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil vs Argan Oil?
Fifty Shades....
I have problems to understand my skin tone.
my bf has scalp folliculitis and it's contagious!
Review: Ulthera
What Causes Crepe-like Skin?
Eye ex. and accupresure points, and what works best for you?
Suggestion Needed for Acne Treatment
Suggestion Needed for Acne Treatment
Crazy or not? Using hand held carpet vacuum 2 tighten skin?
Obagi eye treatment
Dermaroller aftercare question!
How to apply Vitamin C serum with Obagi Nuderm?
Can you use the Clarisonic Mia on your body?
Can you get fake toe nail done to a fungus toe?
What is an appropriate spray bottle for a DIY spritz?
Lemon Peel Bioferment
Best humectant for a spritz?
Non chalky sunscreen with good protection?
Can anyone please help me with my recipe?
Would love a little help re thick hair and tight skin!
Does anyone know where I could purchase Licorice extract?
Has anyone tried the Skinactives Sea Kelp Ultramarine?
Rosehip Oil
1 month into facial exercise program
Carole Maggio's facial muscles
MILIA ( any updates for stuff that works??)
acv mole removal
What is a Great Way to Organize Jewelry Pieces?
Need help with supplements..what can I cut?
Vampire Facelift yesterday....
mid week chillout
Repairing Skin Barrier, recommendations and thanks
Can Facial Exercise enhance facial features?
MelaShade in Canada?
Fake Juvederm?
What benefits have you noticed from LAA or C E Ferulic?
Which would be better gift for father's day?
colostrum supplementation
Favorite eyeliner for the waterline?
AQ Skincare Solutions vs Re Luma
Natural Peptides
Platelet Rich Plasma & Facial Esthetics
What happened to Jennifer Lopez's Stretch Marks
Anybody Wear Spanx?
Ridges (tendons?) under neck, from throat toward chin
Microcurrent tips and tricks
Lactic acid
Golden goddess pills
darklipsmagic or latisha lips cream
Food dehydrators
Interesting info
Exfoderm vs Exfoderm Forte
Dermalogica Skincare?
Pictures of my baby girl's graduation yesterday!
Using Oils to Remove Makeup - Irritating to some?
How did you choose your career?
How to use Retin-A with Blender (Obagi Nu-derm question)
Reassurance about getting fillers
Is there any real reason to get Dimethyl isosorbide?
BHT and Tetrasodium EDTA
Do you think a hand mixer/blender is necessary?
Has anyone read either of Leslie Baumann's books?
Dermatology Books
How is lactic acid different from the other AHAs?
Petroleum Jelly vs Shea Butter
Favorite Eminence Organics Product(s)
Stem Cell Technology in Skin Care
OCM purging, or hormones?
Exercise for lower nasolabial area?
What calibration weights should I have?
Best Way to Get Rid of Dark Circles?
developed Breast Cancer
derma rolling nd trying to get rid of stretch marks
Obagi Sun Shield and Alpha Hydrox lotion smell like ammonia?
Plastic surgeon in Boston or Chicago?
Plastic surgeon in Boston or Chicago?
Plastic surgeon in Boston or Chicago?
Plastic surgeon in Boston or Chicago?
Plastic surgeon in Boston or Chicago?
Argireline to relax muscles (sort what botox does)??
Buying makeup samples
Favorite Body Lotion
How to do product testing
Do You Use A Spot Treatment?
Turn Back the Clock to Your 20's
Is it possible to tighten loose cheek skin?
What is the Ph of Coconut, Castor, Jojoba and Olive Oil?
Cod Liver Oil Coincidence?
Bad experience with Flex Effect. Anyone else have the same?
Best facial exercises Poll.... vote here
Conair hair removal system
Facial Soap Bar & its pH - Revisited
Rodial glamoxy snake mask
Lyapko Rollers
How to Open a New Topic
Statement on Stem Cells and their Potential
Sally beauty re formulated my Vit C, any similar serums ?
:: DeVita Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30+ ::
Anyone using Copper Pep on legs 4 sagging/crepey lose skin?
Owwwch, my lightstim turned into an oven overnight???
Does taking copper internally cause the uglies?
Thoughts on Baobab and Rooibos Moisturizers?
Thoughts on Baobab and Rooibos Moisturizers?
Thoughts on Baobab and Rooibos Moisturizers?
OMG Obagi! Any tips while at work?
The Story of Cosmetics
Skin Care Products with Cytokines
Does Exaggerated Expression cause wrinkles?
Up to date photos - Facial Exercise Program Founders
Is there a facial exercise for the corners of the mouth?
Rem Spring facial hair remover
natural skin care convert/dr. hauschka
Body cleansing and moisturising
Mixing zinc oxide powder with coconut oil and aloe vera...?
Terrell Suggs Jersey he8217ll be chatting
Dez Bryant Jersey it comes fro last
hygiene & makeup
Are you looking for low-priced quality skin care product?
Are you looking for low-priced quality skin care product?
Are you looking for low-priced quality skin care product?
Using ice cubes in a ziplock bag for face tightening?
Face Exercise vs Face Massage?
Do you have more muscles in one side of your face...?
TCA/Jessners any peel on LEGS????
Does this device really remove face fat...?
$100 to spend on facial device?
Oil cleansing for dry but spot prone skin 15 year old boy
Rceipe for a hylauronic acid serum/moisturiser
The Real Source of Parabens is Food?
Tanda luxe and acne reds marks
LiQWD Hydrating Conditioner
How to Prevent/Reduce the Appearance of Veins on the Hands
where to buy good dermaroller in US? Also...
Obagi vs Vivier Vitamin C Serum
What Do You Think of Beauty Reviews and Beauty Review Sites?
Another funny skin story
Environ Colostrum Gel
Pockets of skin or fat near the corners of my mouth..
How to get rid of cheek creepiness
Appointment with a Dermatologist - Is it necessary?
Self Defense/Safety Tips for Women
Using AHA cream + skin peel within the same week safe?
Using AHA cream + skin peel within the same week safe?
Using AHA cream + skin peel within the same week safe?
Beauty products from ALLDAYCHEMIST
obagi nu derm
Bug & Insect Repellant
55 and over subforum?
Jojoba Oil for the face?
Loli's explanations for cheeks
Can Ultimate Facercise develop cheeks?
Has anyone had chin liposuction?
finding a body scrub product
What do you do if you lose a big toe nail?
Review: Suntegrity sunscreen
L-ascorbic acid powder before purchase question
L-ascorbic acid powder before purchase question
Anyone have this DIY Gua Sha Facial DVD?
obagi nu derm
Best/Worst Cities for Your Skin
obagi nu derm
Dermalogica Hydrating Booster / other Hyaluronic Acid Serum?
Sagging, loose skin on face at young age, natural options?
Has anyone had their stretch marks surgically removed?
Your Holy Grail of Mascara?
Marcia Teixeira Soft Treatment
Which CeraVe products are suitable for the face?
Diy experts help needed
Facial Exercises - Under 35 with no problems?
Under eye dark circles and puffiness
Are there any good devices to smooth down and flatten...?
Is fat grafting for the cheeks permanent?
Wearing a shower cap can create saggy forehead...?
Emu oil vs. ostrich oil
My final verdict on IPL
Hair acting very strangely face exercises
New to the forum and new to Obagi
Massage or face exercise first?
Caring for neck skin
What happened to the "thank you" button?
ultimate DIY skincare serum
Consistency of Eminence Organics Lotions
Lips2Kiss or vaculifter???
Does Olay Regenerist help with lines?
Skin tightening for body!
Sunscreen forbidden at schools and camps. Can you believe?
DermaSilk Skin Perfect worked well for crepey arms
Combatting Cheek Hollows and Lower Face Thinness
The Placebo Effect
Interview with Dr. Baumann
Anyone have fat injections to a thin neck?
I'm Doing Heavy Metal Chelation
Retin A
Help! Burning pain from Obagi Nu-derm abnormal?
Facemate Settings - Need help again!
Has anyone successfully gotten rid of dark pores on legs?
Using Clindamcyin Phosphate with salicylic acid
Drooping eyelids caused by allergic reaction
Jiahe Nose Up Product?
Can you dermaroll with success with very sensitive skin?
What Makes Some Mascaras Better than Others?
Where do you buy your muslin cloth?
Bioderma, LRP - rant
Picato and AK's
Troubleshooting DIY Facial Cream
Clarks Botanicals Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream (50 ml) glominerals Persuasion Eye Palette (7.2 g / 0.25 oz) pH Advantage Boosters, 10/50 Exfoliating Pads (50 pads)