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Archived Topics
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February 2010
Benefit Sugarbomb
??? for Clarisonic Skincare Brush users...
dermophisiologique products
dermophisiologique products
Bad Cosmetic Science
Skin Care for Over 60
Calling all London people...
Janson Beckett BeautiFULL Lips Lip Plumper - Peppermint
Valmont Dermo Line
Manual Exfoliators
Story that made me think of this forum
IGIA Facial-Glo Micro-Dermabrasion.....???
Missha: bb cream & lucid berry lips
obagi nuderm and skin biology
What really works for this?
Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel - anyone tried?
Anyone tried a hair color remover?
Does Corn Germ Oil clog pores?
ACK! SB Acne Scar Kit - no instructions!
Need help starting up a skin care routine
Best exercise for upper lid/brow lift?
Dermarolling Eye Area
Defense Soap - Get Free Samples of best soap with antibacter
Defense Soap - Get Free Samples of best soap with antibacter
Trying to find a good BB cream
Can anyone tell me why use microfiber cloths?
what do you think that makes a person look young?
How often do you shampoo
Facial Dressing
Do acne scars fade after years?
Can Retin A cause discoloration/hyperpigmentation?
Anyone notice effects on their skin w/ occasional alcohol...
First attempt at DIY Shampoo
Ecvv - Real time information on who is visiting your Website
*~~~~~~ Winner for February 2nd, 2010 ~~~~~~*
Valmont Vital Body Emulsion
any good suncreen at seabeach?
Valmont Dermo Cleansing Emulsion High Tolerance
Who are you following?
Tarte Agent Provocateur
Can a nail brush be used for dry brushing?
My skin care reference book
Does sleep position matter?
Keratosis Pilaris - gone!
Houston Skincare
Houston Skincare
Houston Skincare
Houston Skincare
Price of botox injections?
Smith's Rosebud Salve
Renova with Obagi
Valmont Nature Cleansing Gel & Moisturizing Cream
Shiseido Moist Hair Pack Shampoo & Conditioner
Naive Cleansers
Win a Valentine's Day Beauty Package
Gucci II deodorant
Any book lovers have the Kindle?
skin doctors range
a question about Mineral makeup additives
products with egg white powder.
Can you guys tell me what you think about this idea??
*~~~ Congratulations to our most recent winner !!!! ~~~*
PREPARATION H for puffy eyes??
is zinc better Mexoryl?
why does massage not work for me???
what make skincare products so expensive
Expecting up to 30 inches of SNOW!!!
Loreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Gelee Question
Help - How do I stop this
PRIMROSE oil made my breasts very firm
Where can I find cheap Moroccan Oil?
Who likes Dr. OZ???
Best Vit. C Creams/serums for oily mature skin
Puppy shampoo
What is your favourite top 6 films
Guerlain Sucess Future Serum
Givenchy Le Soin Noir
Started Using Copper Peptide - Petrified! Please Help!!
Can I use PRESCRIPTION ACNE medication along with obagi?
Talika DUO
TIGI Superstar S&C
Anybody tried Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum ???
BABOR Wrap Sensation with Spirulina Algae
Does Pearl powder/cream/paste have moisturizing properties?
Argireline and/or base cream from PF or SA?
Second best to botox for the lines btwn the eyebrows?
sheep placenta for skin
Speed/frequency ??? about Clarisonic Skincare Brush...
How To Please A Man With Your Mouth
Daphne Dermal Filler for scars & wrinkles-topical treatm
TCA "Mixed" Peels?
Anyone use Artic Frost Wrinkle Cream?
Goji Berries and Japanese Matcha Tea Mask from Pangea
non-oily anti-aging mask
Thickening agents
Babor Baborganic
tattoo removal
What is the deal with the chipmunk cheeks?
difficult time getting temple hair to hold color.
Nuwave Oven
Website where strangers can guess your age
Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme (Iridescent White) plumping
Valmont 24 Hour Cellular Conditioning Base Cream
Aromatherapy Associates Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser
Avocado DIY Face Mask
does the sun or the movement cause more wrinkles?
Help > Question About curly hair
Help > Question About curly hair
Face Vs. Hands!
Does she or doesn't she? only her injector knows for sure
Best skin line for repair and rejuvenation?
Sunscreen issues...
Do MSM supplements really erase lines or wrinkles?
Acai Berry Juice- any anti-aging results??
Do you have BEFORE and AFTER pictures from facial exercises?
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for skin?
Anyone Tried Chest-A-Peel?
Anyone Tried Chest-A-Peel?
Lift eyebrows without botox or surgery?
Melasma Infrared Sauna and Copper
Pre-Menstrual Syndrome -- what really works?
glycolic 40%
Does Gelatin Have Skin Benefits?
Spots after using olive oil
Has anyone had these horrible side effects?
*~~~~~~ Winner for February 9th, 2010 ~~~~~~*
Sharing good price for propylene glycol
C Serum Best Possible Scenario on Routine
Dry brushes versus sisal loofah mitts
Athanor Henna Neutral Hairspray
Recommendations from the skin care gurus?
Laneige Dual Shadow-Germany
Missha: The Style Creamy Eyes
How many teaspoons are in 1 oz of LAA (Vit C) powder?
I Get nervous at the Doctor's office..
DIY recommendations for eczema prone face and body
DIY recommendations for eczema prone face and body
Moisturizer question
DIY recommendations for eczema prone face and body
DIY recommendations for eczema prone face and body
Milk, cheese and your skin
Lash Plus from Greenfields (serum for eyelashes)
Does anyone have experience dealing with lb processors
Botox and filler
How do you know it's a good vit c?
Anyone please share some tips for dark upperlip?
Purifying Mineral Mask with White Clay
oil for oily skin? what to pick?
Natural vitamin C serum for acne prone skin...
any long time tretinoin user here?
Alexander McQueen, did you read? (RIP)
Skincare (that don't need animals to lay down their life)
Critique my regimen please
Clarisonic questions (newbie)
FYI to those who use alldaychemist
FYI to those who use alldaychemist
FYI to those who use alldaychemist
UFC? from a girl's perspective
Has anyone tried EGF to thicken skin?
foundation and daily spf
Add pearl powder to sunscrren to take the shine away???
Juice Beauty Organic Facial Rejuvenating Mask
where do you buy your supplements?
*~~~ Congratulations to our most recent winner !!!! ~~~*
Applied Vitamin D3 Oil to the Back of one Hand - Result
Sometimes I really upset myself!
Where to buy ingredients for Vitamin C serum....???
Red and Blue LED treatment whilst using your iPhone
Hand held LED devices
An interesting article about peels
which products or beauty tools/gadgets/machines.....
To the DIY veterans and youngsters: what got you started?
Who said overnight results are impossible? Miracles exist ;)
What exactly is the purpose of a toner? rop
Does Glycerin cause break outs...???
Philosophy Turbo C Booster Powder reviews....
best product for marks caused by pill and sun
I am ready to move on!
Vapour cosmetics line, big rave!!
Pigmentation and wrinkles! Should I try Osmosis
Did anyone watch the movie valentine's day?
Plz Help To get Even Skin and Prevent Scar (With Pics)
Plz Help To get Even Skin and Prevent Scar (With Pics)
Plz Help To get Even Skin and Prevent Scar (With Pics)
Plz Help To get Even Skin and Prevent Scar (With Pics)
collagen and acne scars
how do you match a foundation ?
Shipping issues?
Best DIY Vitamin C Serum??
Can you skincare girls help me? Super congested skin :(
Which strength of Retin-A is weakest/strongest?
Anyone here from the Frisco, Texas area?
Rosacea + Retin-a = ???
Vit C recipe for skin that gets blackheads from LAA..
eyelash growth
do you think doing sports make skin nice?
*~~~~~~ Winner for February 16th, 2010 ~~~~~~*
L'Oreal Advanced RevitaLift Double Eye Lift
Cle de Peau Beaute
Cle de Peau Beaute
Stila one-step foundation?
Anyone used Cure Natural Aqua Gel?
Stila Hydrating Primer and Tinted Moisturiser SPF15
Dermarolling and LED's
Reputable Bartending Schools in Vancouver?
Skin very dry whats a good night moisturizer?
RevitaLash: Eyelash Growth Serum
Valmont Priority Cream
Payot Lotion Bleue
On the market for new moisturizer, not sure what to get...
Funny things our SO does (skincare related)
DIY simple recipe for oil free moisturizer?
Jessner Vs TCA peel
Can anyone recommend good eye moisturizer?
OLAY Regenerist Intensive Revitalising Cream Night
Party plan - have you or are you a party plan seller.
supplements for hormones - not birth control
Help with daily rountine!
Caci Quantum
waiting excited for my package
Cheap Buys in Toronto
Notch Moisturizing Self Tanning Spray
How can I apply eyeshadow to look like this?
How can I apply my eyeshadow like an impressionist painting?
Skinny with wrinkles or Plump Tummy with no wrinkles
Robelyn Labs on tummy or face???
Melasma (hyper-pigmentation) help
*~~~~~~ Winner for February 19th, 2010 ~~~~~~*
Looking for San Antonio Esthetician end of May
the lines under my eyes are sooo much better!
47-Year-Old Needs Help - Maybe Dermarolling?
Can I add oil to water based spray?rop
has anyone got Micro Laser Peel done ?
do all mascaras go clumpy after a while??
Tinted Moisturizer
New Cerave PM Moisturizing Lotion
has anyone made an aha cream with gycolic acid
Searching for a shoe repair shop in Toronto
Help for crepe-y looking jawline area?
Felt like an addict!
Feminine Cleansers - special product needed??
Has anyone heard of or tried Reneuve??
New to making Vitamin C Serum
any one still use naturderm, chrysalix in particular?
Neocutis Bio-Restorative Hydrogel with PSP
Asking for help condensing skin care regiment....
Any suggestions on a GREAT sunscreen?
Review : Ahava Dermud Intensive Nourishing Hand Cream - RAVE
Favorite drugstore eye cream recommendations...?
Anyone ever looking for rare and hard to find perfumes
Can't log into my Makeupalley account! =(
Hair straightening solution ~ Shiseido, Lisio, or Yuko?
Julie Hewett Ora Mineral Mix
jane iredale vs everyday vs laura mercier comparison...
Great Video On Makeup Brush Cleansing
Lexapro and weight loss?
Rosacea flare at 8 P.M.
Obagi finishing 18 weeks
NuSkin Galvanic Spa-System II. What serums/creams can I use?
Minoxidil made my brows thicker and longer
Article: Oil and The Skin
Dry brushing/pumice stone question
Levator labii and Caninus exercises?
sunscreen ingrediant !!!!i found the chart
What can you take INTERNALLY for sun protection?
How do you re apply sunscreen?
Hiper-pigmentation but not willing to try obagi yet. Ideas?
*~~~~~~ Winner for February 23rd, 2010 ~~~~~~*
Retin-A on Decollete/Chest?
Liquid Keratin vs Brazilian keratin hair treatment
Can spirulina help with problem skin?
Can spirulina help with problem skin?
Is product color really important to you?
Any favorable results on Obagi Elastiderm?
codeai for eyelashes
codeai for eyelashes
Recommendation to stop hair loss in women
Anyone heard of *slapping* massage?
Jan Marini Product Help
pumice stone like dry brushing?
Basis Soap
Anyone try Hydroxatone?
suggestions please for a photogenic foundation :)
Plumping a gaunt face
Last chance--Julie Hewett bijou sheer lipstick in Amelie
Clarisonic Mia
Safe Sunscreen
Is there a difference between tretinoin gel and micro gel?
Review - Philips Satinelle Epilator
Skincare Voucher Available
Ring Around the Neck
Ring Around the Neck
Is Niacinamide Pro-Aging?
Pill to make gray go away?
Topical Juvederm
Ascorbyl Palmitate- Vitamin C Ester
Shopping for a new line
Flex Effect-Washed Face Or Not?
Adonia Lash Alive Eyelash Enhancer
Men's fashion/style reviews
Retin A - not for the weak
DermaWand and Filllers?
Newbie- I ruined my Skin, help pleaseeee
Who has a Camels Hump?
what product to use with Decleor Aromessence neroli?
which oils to use for wrinkles.
Please take a look at this eye cream...
Sorry about this, but...
using make-up with Obagi
Laugh lines,,,..i feel like crying.
Another LED Device: The ReVitaLED Anti-Aging
*~~~~~~ Winner for February 26th, 2010 ~~~~~~*
Recommendation for gentle shampoo for itchy, flaky scalp?
Peri Menopausal Acne
how long are chemical sunscreens okay in airless pump?
jane iredale products ?
Animal Rescue Site- Shelter Challenge
You think this French chick's making fun of us??
Garnier Ultra Lift
Where to buy Tua Viso in Canada ???
Best site to order vitamins that ships to Canada?
Supplements and recommendations prior to fillers?
I needed a replacement to Strivectin and Mustella is it...
BHA Souffle - Mary's?
What's a good firming neck cream?
Looking for a good foundation!
SAS Antioxidant Booster
Dr. Pickart on GHK and Cancer
Review Vivier Dark Circle Diminishing Eye Cream vit. K
Breakout from simple Vitamin C Serum...!?!
Clothing Catalog help needed, please
what is the best product to prevent and treat lip wrinkles?
Retin A question
Covering pitted scars?
Can prolong use of tretinoin cream cause deformed baby?
DS Laboratories Trioxil.PM Anti-Acne Gel (30 ml) RevitaLash Volumizing Mascara Espresso (7.39 ml / 0.25 floz) Juvena Skin Nova SC Cellular Miracle Beauty Mask (75 ml / 2.5 oz)