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DIY Skin Care, Facial Exercises, Dermarolling Index
EDS Skin Care Forums Forum Index » Skincare Tools & Do-It-Yourself Skincare
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Sun Apr 16, 2006 1:16 am      Reply with quote
Scroll to the bottom for links on Dermarolling, Facial Exercises, Massage & Drybrushing and Smoothies, Refreshers & Soup Recipe Index


Please note that trying these skin care recipes is AT YOUR OWN RISK. You should be aware of potential allergic reactions or reactions to products that have high percentages of actives. What works for one person may not work well for another or may be difficult to reproduce in the same concentration.

Due to the amount of discussion in the original DIY skincare recipes thread, it was getting a little bit difficult to locate the actual recipes. Below is an index which will take you directly to each recipe in that thread and elsewhere on the forum. The recipe will be displayed on the top of the page, with the rest of the thread following. As new recipes are added to the forum, we will do our best to update this index here. Please PM if anything has been missed!

*** LAST UPDATED JANUARY 10th, 2014 ***

Here is the link to the main recipe thread:
DIY Skin Care Recipes & Discussion thread
• Cleansers
Carekate's version of Dr. H CC:
Happyhippie's lazy version of Dr. H CC:
Lolli's version of the Dr. H CC:
Rosebud's version of Dr. H CC (with clay):
Jen/Camellia Rose's Honey Rose Gentle Cleanser:
Lolli's Calming Cleanser:
Lotusesther's Cold cream Pond's DIY:
NotMeNotYou's Cucumber Cleansing Milk:
Teabags version of Biore's Pore-Cleansing Strips:
TOBE's Basic Cold Cream:

DarkMoon's A-1 Natural OCM Recipes with Cleansing Agents:
DarkMoon's OCM Blend for Dry Skin:
DarkMoon's OCM Blend for Normal Skin:
DarkMoon's OCM Blend for Oily Skin:
DragoN's OCM Blend with Polysorbate (surfactant):
gottaHAVEitALL's Clarifying Cleansing Oil (for removing blackheads):
hpjrt's OCM with Salicylic Acid:
Karmicarchitect's OCM for Oily Skin:
Keliu's OCM:
NotMeNotYou's OCM Cleansing Milk:

• Toners & Mists
Carekate's ACV Super Toner:
irunchik/GOW's ACV Toner for Sensitive Skin:
Carekate's Green Tea Toner à la Tom at
Carekate's Asprin Toner:
Fawnie's Ancient Astringent:
hpjrt's (Mary's) Salicylic Acid Toner:
Jen1929's Toner:
Jouke's DIY Toner for Sensitive/Combination Skin:
Kassy's Pre LED/Post Sun Exposure Green/White Tea Spritz:
Kassy's Water Based Pre Treatment for LED:
Kassy's Tonic/Toner for Oily Congested Skin and/or Blackheads:
Keliu's Rose Water:
Keliu's Toner Plus:
Lolli's Calming Toner:
Nemo!AtTheDisco's Acne Mist:
Nyjlm's version of Burt's Bees Grapefruit Complexion Mist:
Queenbluebee's Lemon Toner:
Queenbluebee's Pine Toner:
Queenbluebee's Rose Water & Glycerine Astringent:

• Masks & Exfoliators
annesun's food therapy mask:
Angiemum's 3-in-1 Scrub, Tub & Face Paste:
Antonia's Mask for Large Pores:
Athena123's version of PSF's Acne Mud Mask:
beauty mask's Banana Mask for Oily Skin:
Bosoxy's Blueberry Cream Mask:
Carekate's Homemade Pumpkin Enzyme Mask:
Chorally's Egg White Mask:
cowgirlmama's Avocado Mask:
cowgirlmama's Face & Body Scrub:
DarkMoon's Facial Scrub (no nuts):
echoecho's Exfoliating Enzymatic Masque:
Feliz's Green Tea Mask:
girllee's Mung Bean Mask:
IndianT's Exfoliating Mask:
innerscent's Purifying Mask:
Kassy's Honey, Egg Yolk + Yogurt Mask:
Kassy's Lotion Mask:
Kassy's Pineapple + Carrot Mask:
Kassy's Skin Firmer Upper Mask:
Laine44's Pumpkin Mask:
Myeyesuprise's Zit Attack Mask:
Nemo!AtTheDisco's DIY Disincrustation Solution (to soften blackheads & pimples for extraction):
Queenbluebee's Alpha Hydroxy Skin Peel
Queenbluebee's AHA Yogurt & Oatmeal Mask:
Queenbluebee's AHA Yogurt & Aloe Healing Mask:
Sharky's Face Prep (to increase penetration of active ingredients):
Sormuimui's Royal Jelly Mask:
Tiger's Tim's version of Neal's Yard Remedies Honey & Orange Scrub:
Winnie's Just Peachy Facial Mask:
Younghair2010's Avocado Facial Mask:

Autumn's MUA original aspirin mask recipe:
Athena123's Aspirin Yogurt Mask:
Carekate's Aspirin Mask (alternative):
Carekate's Super Brightening Super-Sonic Facial Mask:
daydreamingda's AHA/BHA Mask (for fading red marks, etc.):
dbagal's Aspirin Mask:
Deanne123's Dr H/Aspirin Mask:
DIY Girl's Green Tea Asprin Mask:
MUA original aspirin mask recipe:

• Serums, Lotions & Anti-Aging Potions
DragoN's Anti-Acne Serum:
DragoN's Phytoestrogen Genistein Hydrating Serum:
DragoN's Kinerase (Kinetin & Niacinamide) Serum:
jjbeacham's Strong DMAE Serum (or Toner):
Kassy's Argireline & Matrixyl Serum (for serious wrinkles):
Kassy's 15% Vit C Lotion:
Kassy's Matrixyl & SKB Serum:
Kassy's Pre-Treatment Serum for LED Use:
Kassy's Simple Semi-DIY Nourishing Serum:
Keliu's Glucosamine & Niacinamide Serum, version A (2/29/09):
Keliu's Glucosamine & Niacinamide Serum, version B (10/4/09):
Lotusesther's DIY Colostrum Serum:
Lotusesther's Easy HA Niacinamide Serum:
Luckylouie's AM Daily Serum:
Luckylouie's One Stop Serum:
Miranets' Rosacea, Anti-Redness & Calming Serum:
Monica34's Niacinamide-N-A-G-Aloe Serum:
Skinacea's Homemade Skinceuticals B5 Serum as shared by Kassy:
Wild Cat's Antioxidant ImmuComplex:

Barefootgirl's A-C-E Serum:
Barefootgirl's Breeze Eezy C Serum:
BulkActives' Anhydrous Double C with E as shared by Keliu:
Carekate's Homemade Vitamin C Serum:
DarkMoon's Oil-Based C Serum:
DarkMoon's Simple C Serum:
Kassy's MAP, Retinol & Grapeseed Antioxidant Serum:
Kassy's Simple C Serum:
Kassy's 15% Vitamin C Serum (08/17/08 ):
Kassy's 15% Vitamin C Serum (3/18/10):
Kassy's 15% A,C + FA Serum:
Kassy's 15% C, E + Ferulic Acid (FA) Serum:
Kassy's 15% C, E + Ferulic Acid (FA) with HA Serum, version A (3/24/09):
Kassy's 15% C, E + Ferulic Acid (FA) with HA Serum, version B (6/23/09):
Kassy's 15% Vitamin C, E + FA Serum with Jojoba:
Kassy's 15% Vitamin C, Wheat Germ Oil + FA Serum:
Kassy's 18% Vitamin C/E/FA/Niacinamide/Retinyl Palmitate Serum:
Kassy's 20% Vitamin C Serum:
Kassy's 20% Vitamin C (15% LAA + 5% TA), 1% Vitamin E & 1% Retinyl Palmitate Serum (4/5/10):
Kassy's 20% C, E, A (Retinyl) Serum:
Kassy's 20% C,E,FA & dl-Panthenol (B5) Serum (9-12-13):
Kassy's 20% Vitamin C Serum with Glutathione (9-24-13):
Kassy's 22% Vitamin C Serum (L-AA + THDA):
Kassy's Vitamin C,E,FA & Phloretin (Oct 23, 2013):
Kassy's Kickass Viterol/LAA Serum:
Keliu's C Serum:
Keliu's Oil Soluble Vitamin C Serum (with Pomegranate Oil):
Lolli's Reverse Osmosis, LAA & HA Serum as shared by quacko:
NotMeNotYou's Very Simple 15% C Serum:
Nyonyakay's version of SC's C&E Ferulic:
rileygirl's Simple C, HA & Squalane Serum:
Sage & Simple's C Serum as shared by DarkMoon:
Skippie's LAA, FA & Phloretin Serum:
Skippie's Triple C Serum:
tracyjoy's Multi-Purpose C Serum:
Yub's DIY Liposomal Vitamin C Serum:

Pure Bulk's Hyaluronic 1% Solution:

Carekate's version of YonKa Emulsion Pure:
DragoN's Anti-Acne Serum:
erikaj35's Fix for Big & Painful Pimples:
Kassy's After Cleansing Treatment (for congestion/blackheads/oily skin):

Kassy's Lemon Peel Extract:

Kassy's DIY Ultrasound Gel:
Kassy's Eazy Peazy Conductive Spray:

Barefootgirl's Post Roll Oil-Based Serum:
Kassy's Oil-Based ACE Serum for Dermarolling:

• Facial Oil Blends & Balms
bombshellbella's DIY Blemish Stick:
Carekate's version of Decleor Ylang Ylang Aromessence Oil:
DarkMoon's Chapped or Cracked Skin Oil:
DarkMoon's Facial Oil Blend:
DarkMoon's Whole Living Oil Serums Tailored for Dry, Oil or Sensitive Skins:
DarkMoon's Rejuvenating Oil:
Diderot's version of Dr. H Essential Balm:
jasminerosey's Facial Oil Blend:
innerscent's Oil Blend for Anti-Aging and Wrinkles:
Kassy's Vaculifter/Cupping Massage Oil (Face + Body):
Lotusesther's Lip & Everything Balm:
Teabags Non-petroleum Jelly:
Starbright's Plumping Facial Oil:
Wild Cat's Oil Blend for skin in winter:

• Hydrating Gels, Creams, Lotions & Lotion Bars
Bellezza's Moisturizing Cream:
DarkMoon's Simple Royal Jelly:
Dbagal's DIY Hydrating Gel For Very Oily Skin:
Dianne's DMAE cream:
Deanne123's Rose & Lavender Facial Cream:
hpjrt's "Mary's Moisturiser" for winter dryness:
Kassy's DIY Barrier Repair Lotion Bars:
Kassy's DIY Creamy Lotion/Souffle For Head to Toe (2/22/13):
Kassy's Dry Skin Cream:
Kassy's Face Cream:
Kassy's DMAE + ALGAE Extract Firming Gel:
Kassy's Firming/Smoothing/Anti-Oxidant Cream:
Kassy's No Brainer A,C,E & Glutathione Cream:
Kassy's Nourishing-Cell Stimulating Lotion:
Kassy's Rosacea Cream (for soothing, healing and moisturizing):
KrazyKatLadyAUE's Vitamin A + MAP Cream:
Lorena's take on Lucky Louie's Cream (for fading spider veins):
Lotusesther's DIY ascorbyl palmitate, vitamin A and C gel:
NotMeNotYou's Rich Face Cream:
Pachouli's Multi-Purpose Cream:
Pumpingmummy's Anti-aging & Balancing Moisturiser:
Skincareaddicted's Oat Beta Glucans Pearl Powder Cream:
Skippie's Pearl Cream:
Vanadis's Pearl, Honey, Oat and Neroli Lotion:
Vanilya's Moisturizer for Dry Skins:

• Eye Oils, Serums, Creams & Lash Products
Alley's Eye Cream:
Alley's Take on Kassy's Eye Serum, version A (1/12/09):
Alley's Take on Kassy's Eye Serum, version B (10/30/09):
Craftery1's Eye Oil Blends:
Itisme's Eye Cream:
Kassy's Eye Serum:
Kassy's Firming/Smoothing/Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum:
Katee's Eye Potion:
Candy8865's take on Katee's Eye Potion:
pbsadhaka's Dark Eye Circles Buster:

Carekate's Daily Nourishing Lash Gloss:
DarkMoon's DIY Mascara from Karen Bombeli's book:
DIY "1000 Hours Lash Tint Kit":

• Lip Exfoliators, Masks, Balms, Gloss

Carekate's Lip Scrub/Exfoliant:
Carekate's Lip Buffing Scrub:
Tiger Tim's Lip Exfoliator:
tindra1816's Honey & Sugar Lip Scrub:

Nature's Gift (à la Kassy) Super Smoother Lip Masque:
Melissa49's Vit C Lip Booster Treatment Mask:

Carekate's Lush Lips balm:
DarkMoon's Healing Lip Balm:
Diderot's Avocado Lip Balm:
Kayanl's version of Dr H Lip Balm:
Katee's Lip Balm with SPF:
Lotusesther's Lip & Everything Balm:
Melissa49's Protective Lip Balm:

Carekate's version of Lip Venom (#1):
Carekate's version of Lip Venom (#2):
Carekate's Lush Lips:
Deanne123's Honey Lip Gloss:
hpjrt's (Mary's) Lip Stain:
~PrInCeSs~'s (colored) Lip Gloss:

• Sunblocks / Sunscreens
Cranberry Lane's Sun Protection Lotion Stick:
Kassy_A's Quick & Easy DIY Sunscreen (SPF 20):
Randolyn's Better Basic Sunblock Formula:

• Powders, Primers & MMU
Carekate's Silk Dust Primer and/or Finishing Powder:
Divine Diva's Pressing Shadows, Pigments, Minerals:
hpjrt's (Mary's) Basic Pearl Paste:
hpjrt's (Mary's) Pearl Powder Paste Moisturizer:
hpjrt's (Mary's) Basic Silk/Pearl Primer Powder:
hpjrt's (Mary's) Oil Mix for MMU Foundation:
Milk of Magnesium Primer:
Skippie's Face Powder:
Tia R's version of MAC Fix+:

• Body Scrubs, Serums, Lotions, Butters, Sprays, Massage Oils & Miscellaneous

Carekate's Body Scrub:
cowgirlmama's Face & Scrub:
DIY Girl's Sugar Scrub:
Guapagirl's Scrub Bar:
Guapagirl's version of LUSH's Buffy the Backside Slayer:
MystyPines' Salt/Sugar Scrub:
smiller1327's Cocoa Coffee Body Scrub:
tindra1816's Ultimate Sea Salt Body Scrub DIY:
Yeahyeah's DIY Coffee Body Scrub:

Queenbluebee's Clay Body Wrap:
Queenbluebee's Herbal Body Wrap:

DarkMoon's Cellulite Oil Blend:
Queenbluebee's Cellulite Cream:
Queenbluebee's Special Cellulite Massaging Oil:
Queenbluebee's Moisturizer Cellulite Rub:
Queenbluebee's Stretch Marks Recipes:

m1rox's Niacinamide Serum for Fading Hyperpigmentation on the Arms:

Athena123's After Bath Body Oil:
Carekate's Shaving Minimizing Body Oil:
Kassy's Vaculifter/Cupping Massage Oil (Face + Body):
Pandora77's Aromatherapy Massage Oil by Maggie Tisserand (for fuller & firmer breasts):

Alley's Body Lotion:
DarkMoon's Online Lanolin Body Butter and Lotion Bars:
DragoN's Body Butter:
Kassy's Vitamin C Spray for Body
MystyPines' Body Balm & Whipped Butter:
NotMeNotYou's Rice Bran Avocado Body Lotion:

ginnielizz's DIY Deodorant (like Oyin - Butter, Lush Aromacreme):
Kay-la's - Butter Deodorant:
winni333's Natural Deodorant:

Carekate's Version of TendSkin (for ingrown hairs):
Skinacea's Version of TendSkin as shared by Kassy:
Queenbluebee's Hair Remover:

• Bath Oils, Salts, Bombs & Soaks
Athena123's Bath Oil:
Diderot's Detox Ocean Bath Soak:
innerscent's Bath Oil for Anger:
Katee's Silkiest Suds Ever Bath Soak:
live2act2's Bath Bombs:
pinknika's Aromatherapy Immersion Bath:
pinknika's Aromatherapy Immersion Bath:
pinknika's Therapy Milk Bath:
Skippie's From Nature With Love Bath Salts:

• Nails, Hands & Feet
annesun's DIY for Your Chapped Hand:
annesun's Hand Massage Oil:
annesun's Yogurt Hand Mask:
Athena123's Nail Oil:
Carekate's Mending and Rebuilding Treatment for Raggedy Nails and Cuticles:
Carekate's One Minute Manicure:
Girlygirl's Foot Cream for Ugly, Dry Feet:
Kassy's Serious Protect & Nourish Hand Cream:
Kassy's Rich + Nourishing Cream for Hands + Feet:
Rosebud's handcream:
spabeauty's Recipe for Getting Rid of Dry, Cracked Heels:
tindra1816's Avocado Cream for Dry Hands:
tindra1816's Avocado Cream for Dry Hands:
tindra1816's Vegetable Oil Nail Strengthener:
tindra1816's Pumpkin Foot Scrub:

• Hair Treatments, Shampoos, Rinses, Conditioners, Balms, Gels & Sprays

Alley's DIY Hot Oil Treatment:
Allyssa's Variation on the Caramel Hair Treatment:
CareKate's Rosemary Healthy Hair & Scalp Balm:
Diderot's Oil Hair Treatment/Mask for Frizzy Hair:
Fox's Molasses Hair Mask:
smiller1327's Olive Chamomile Hair Oil Treatment:
tindra1816's Thickening Hair Mask for Volume:
tindra1816's Brittle / Damaged Hair Treatment:
tindra1816's Dry Scalp Treatment:
tindra1816's Honey-Avocado Invigorating and Revitalizing Hair Treatment:
tindra1816's Oily Hair and Scalp Spray:

Carekate's Super Charged Rosemary Hair Growth Oil:
DarkMoon's Hair Growth Oil:
Ariesxtreme's Essential Oil Blends for Hair Growth:
Faythem1997's DIY Hair Loss Treatment:
Sark's Hair Growth Treatment:

Ariesxtreme's Shampoos, Conditioners and Hair Rinses:
Carekate's Dry Shampoo (3 recipes):
Carekate's Oil-Control Shampoo:
DarkMoon's Shampoo for Thinning Hair:
Katee's Incredible Shampoo:
Keliu's Moisturizing Shampoo for Dry or Damaged Hair:
Keliu's Peppermint Shampoo:
Keliu's Shampoo (2012 Version):
NotMeNotYou's DIY Dry Shampoo:
tindra1816's Shampoo:

Ariesxtreme's Shampoos, Conditioners and Hair Rinses:
Fox's Herb & Vinegar Hair Rinse Recipes:
Kassy's Hair Gloss and Deep Conditioner:
Keliu's Lemon & Honey Rinse:
smiller1327's Chamomile ACV Hair Rinse:
tindra1816's Conditioner:

Ariesxtreme's Natural Hair Gel:
Beck13's DIY Sugar Hair Spray:
Carekate's Beachcomber Hair Wave Spray:
Doba's Volumizing Lemon Hair Spray:
Doba's Volumizing Lemon Hair Gel (based on the Volumizing Lemon Hair Spray above):
tindra1816's Citrus-Lavender Hair Spray (maximum hold):
tindra1816's Hair Spray:
Zenity's DIY Home Made Defrizz Spray:

• Soaps

tindra1816's "Soap Queen" Tea Tree Shampoo Bar Soap:
tindra1816's "Friend's" Pumpkin Pie Soap:

• Miscellaneous

Carekate's Mosquito Repellant:
Carekate's Natural Insect Repellent Essential Oil Blend:
hpjrt's (Mary's) Friend's Flea Recipe:
NDA's Deet-Free Bug Repellent:

innerscent's Scar Fading Oil:

Carekate's Sweet Dream’s Pillow Spray:
Diderot's Sleeping Potion:

Carekate's version of GoSmile/Crest tooth whitening:
Queenbluebee's Teeth Whitening & Toothpaste:

Keliu's Perfume:

• DIY How-To & Formulating Tips
Damia's How to Distill Water:
hpjrt (Mary) on using "Pinch", "Dash" and "Smidgeon":
How to Reduce the Stickiness/Tackiness of a Cream/Lotion:
How to Fix a Cream that is too Oily and/or that Leaves an Oily Residue:

• Household DIY Products & Tips
JordanMayTwigs’s DIY Cleaning Product Recipes:
moosette's Household Tips & Tricks:
oranges's DIY Showerspray to Prevent Soap Scum:

• DIY Suppliers & Websites – where to buy DIY ingredients etc.

**Alley's List of DIY Websites / Suppliers** 2011/12:
DarkMoon's Ingredient Information Sites:
Anbloom's source for bottles for DIY:
MystyPines' List of Online Suppliers of Skin Care Ingredients:
Pbsadhaka's List of "Where to buy ingredients”:
ScotsLass's List of DIY **Liposome*** Actives:

Active ingredients - australian supplier:
Katebargold's Source for Aussie Bottles:

Teabag's List of UK DIY Suppliers:
UK Suppliers:

General Info
Bluerain's "Natural Skin Care Aids and What They Do":
Carekate's "Benefits of Lemon Oil":
Carekate's Essential Oil Guide for Skin and Hair:
Carekate's Homemade Hints for Hair Care:
Carekate's Introduction to AHAs/BHAs:
Carekate's Introduction to Hydrosols:
Carekate's Primer on Different Types of Oils:
Kassy's Info on Minimizing Rosacea Flareups:
MajorB's Links to Essential Oils & Animals:
Ruth's Info on Dosage of Essential Oils in Creams etc:
Tangal's Info on pH and product application wait times:
Tangal's Vitamin C Uses, and Wait Time info (Long):

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Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:29 pm      Reply with quote
Here are links to the main CIT/Dermarolling threads:

Dermarolling Information & Discussion Threads
CIT/Dermarolling Articles and Presentations:
Discounted Dermarollers for EDS Members:
Dermarolling for Product Penetration ONLY:
Dermarolling Eye Area:
Dermarolling for Stretchmarks:
Report: What has the DERMAROLLER done for you:
Dermarolling Poll:
Dr. Roller for cellulite:
8 Untruths about Dermaroller. True?? or not??:
Rolling – Needle Lengths:

Dermapen – new micro-needling device:
Dermapen - value?:
Anyone Here Used a Dermastamp???:
Do you prefer the Dermaroller or Dermastamp?:
New Tool for Isolated Scars - The Derma-Stamp (pics):

Many other dermarolling threads and related posts can be located via the search engine. Smile

Please note that these quick links are provided for your information and convenience only. Please ensure that you are well-informed and prepared before proceeding as you are doing so AT YOUR OWN RISK.

*** LAST UPDATED January 2015 ***

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Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:33 pm      Reply with quote
Here are links to some of the more popular Facial Exercise and Dry Brushing threads discussing dry brushing, facial massage and facial exercise programs such as Flex Effect, Carolyn's Facial Fitness, Ageless if You Dare, Carole Maggio, Tanaka, Yamuna and others. Many more related threads and/or posts can be found via the search engine. Smile

Facial Exercise & Massage Discussion Threads
Anyone have cheek building success with facial exercise?:
Do you do Facial Exercises?
Do you tell people you do facial exercises ...etc?:
Dr. Schultz Explains- Facial Exercise *Promotes* Skin Aging:
Facial Exercises for Different Facial Types:
Face exercise destroyed my face:
Facial Exercise Program-how do you decide?:
Facial Exercise: Share the Process and Results:
Facial Exercises: why is stretching/rubbing/pulling good?:
How to Make Pointy Graunt Face Bigger
If you could've started early, which facial ex program?:
Is facial exercise any good?
Micro-current devices vs manual facial exercises...:
most effective and least time consuming facial exercise:
Nasolabial Folds--What's Worked and How Long Did It Take?:
Overbuilds with facial exercise:
Skin loose over the frown muscles/corrugators?:
Which is the best facial exercises to try?:
What Causes Nasolabial Lines:

Ageless if you Dare - Loulou's Facial Exercises:
Agelessexy Exercises:
Carole Maggio Facercise:
Carolyn's Facial Fitness
Comparing Flex Effect vs LouLou's Ageless Facial Exercises:
cynthia rowlands facial magic:
Dr Serene Acupressure Points & Facial Exercises:
Is anyone doing Faceforming by Benita Cantieni?:
The New Edition of FlexEffect is Here!:
Japanese Bone Exercise - Looks 10 year younger:
Rawsome Flex Facial Exercise System:
Senta Maria Runge Face Lifting by Exercise:
Tom's "Shape Your Face" Exercises (free):
Tonya — Rawsome Flex Video demo's (free):

Does anyone know about Gua Sha (or scraping) technique?:
Tian Yong Rejuvenation (Acupressure) System:

Facial detox massage videos, decided to share:
DIY face massage (for drainage):
Face massage - at last a video on youtube!
Tanaka & other facial programs (mixed discussion):
Tanaka Facial Massage (bone, muscle & lymph drainage):
Downside to Tanaka massage?:
Yamuna "Save Your Face" Massage (Yamuna Ball):
You Tube Facial Massage Videos:

Carole Maggio's No Lipo Lipo:
Help—No Lipo Lipo queries:

Dry Brushing Discussion Threads
Can You Dry Brush Your Face?
Dry Brushing
Dry Brushing - How To Tips:
how to keep our dry brushing brush clean?
Skin Brushing Confusion:

*** LAST UPDATED August 13th, 2013 ***

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Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:56 am      Reply with quote
Here is a mini index to the many smoothie, juice and soup recipes shared on the Smoothies thread as well as other recipes shared by our talented members. Smile

Smoothies, Refreshers, Soups & More
AntiAgeCraze's Pineapple & Pear Smoothie:
avalange's Berry-Pineapple with Pumpkin Smoothie:
avalange's Berry-Pineapple with Pumpkin Smoothie (simplified):
avalange's Sweet Potato Smoothie:
Claudia's Fave Green Smoothie Mix:
Claudia's Pina Colada Smoothie:
Claudia's Strawberry Lime Smoothie with Sparkling Water:
cm5597's Blueberry, Orange, Red Grape Green Smoothie:
cm5597's Fruit Smoothie Recipe Links:
cm5597's Green Smoothie Formula:
cm5597's Natalia Rose Green Lemonade:
cm5597's Pear Green Smoothie:
cm5597's Strawberry, Orange, Banana Green Smoothie:
evescafe's Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie:
gumdropday's Super Green Cocktail:
jasminerosey's Ann Wigmore Green Energy Soup:
Kassy_A's Garden Smoothie:
Kassy_A's Kale Avocado Melon Smoothie:
Kassy_A's Savoury Smoothie:
Kassy_A's Strawberry Blueberry Slushy:
Kassy_A's Fruit Green Smoothie with Flax:
lildreamer316's Spring Cell Cleanse:
lucyluc's Yogurt Whey Green Smoothie:
mariah's Strained Smoothie Juice:
Metaphora's Spinach Apple Banana Smoothie:
Mishey's Kitchen Sink Green Smoothie:
rileygirl's Hempseed Cocoa Fruit Smoothie:
rileygirl's Kimberly Snyder Fall Smoothie:
rubby's Green Smoothie with Red Swiss Chard:
SansSouci572's Lime Yogurt Smoothie:
sarahbellum's Green Flax Smoothie with Ginger:
ScotsLass's Womens Health Tummy Smoother Smoothie:
ScotsLass's Womens Health Hunger Killer Smoothie:
ScotsLass's Womens Health Energy Booster Smoothie:
ScotsLass's Womens Health Wrinkle Fighter Smoothie:
ScotsLass's Womens Health Immunity Builder Smoothie:
sherryf13500's Green Whey Smoothie:
sister sweets' 60/40 smoothie:
sister sweets' Spinach Kale Blueberry Smoothie with Flax:
skinner2's Chocolate or Vanilla Almond Green Smoothie:
Skippie's Breakfast Smoothie:
Skippie's Dessert Smoothie:
Skippie's Vegetable Smoothie:
Toby's Avocado Fruit Smoothie:
Toby's Blueberry Smoothie:
Toby's Dr. Oz Green Smoothie:
Zoftig's Blueberry Pomegranate Green Dessert:

adelight's Wheatgrass Juice:
CherrySilver's Daily Juice:
Claudia's Lemon Ginger Juice with Beets:
redtigerwoman's Skin Booster:

Claudia's Broccoli Soup:
Claudia's Butternut Squash Soup:
Claudia's Mushroom Soup:
rubby's Chicken Vegetable Soup (in 10 minutes or less):

cm5597's HappyFoody's Raw Kale Avocado Salad:
harriet's Kale & Beet Salad:
jasminerosey's Cooked Leafy Greens & Beets:

avalange's Banana Ice Cream:
Kassy_A's Grande Mocha Frappuccino:
Kassy_A's Grande Mocha Frappuccino (Version 2):
Katee's Limoncello:

Self Nutrition Data:

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